5 basic factors for buying a gaming monitor!

Talk to serious gaming addicts, and they will tell you about the importance of a good gaming monitor. There is a wide range of options in gaming monitors, and many online stores have incredible offers and deals from time to time. You can go for something like Primecables 4K gaming monitor for an unbelievable price. In this guide, we are sharing the five factors that matter in selecting a gaming monitor.

  1. If you want better color production, IPS Panels are your best bet. However, when it comes to refresh rate and response time, TN panels fare better. In fact, TN panels are best when it comes to responsiveness, which does matter for gamers. The third option is a VA Panel, which offers great viewing angles and credible refresh rate, but the response time may not be the best. For competitive gaming, go for TN panel monitors.
  2. The next factor that matters is the resolution. At the least, you need a Full HD monitor for gaming, and if budget is not an immediate concern, go for Ultra HD, or 4K, monitors, which are expensive but offer the best viewing experience. Keep in mind that to run a 4K monitor, you also need a good graphics card. As for the aspect ratio, ultra-wide resolution is available in gaming monitors, but standard widescreen should suffice for most users.
  3. Style of panel. There are two options in this category – flat vs. curved. Curved monitors may seem desirable, especially if you have a big screen, but we recommend that you go for a flat one, because of the monetary value. Flat gaming monitors are inexpensive and offer same viewing experience.
  4. This brings to us the other aspect – size of your gaming monitor. Gaming requires users to have complete attention on the screen, so you wouldn’t want to go for a huge screen where you have to move your head from one end of the screen to another to match up. Ideally, a 27-inch screen is just ideal for gaming, and in any case, you don’t want to go for a screen bigger than 30-inch.
  5. The last thing that matters is the brand. Find a company that’s reliable, and if you are buying online, make sure to check all the details, including warranty. You wouldn’t want to replace your gaming monitor every year, so buy from a brand that offers some assurance and doesn’t compromise on quality.

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Christopher Campisi