5 Best Face Shields and Products that You Can Buy


Buying a suitable face shield can be a lot of effort. Now, you could be buying them for personal use or for commercial purposes, but the features that make each piece worth the money are the same and listed below. Have a look at these features and later on we will also be taking you through some of the best products like the Lezar 3D visiere de protection products.

Let’s begin!

What Features to Look at When Buying a Face Shield? 

If you’ve been wondering the same then the answers are as follows.

  • A good face shield can be sterilized at high temperatures. 
  • A good face shield has a PETG screen. 
  • A good face shield is made up of durable FDA approved plastic. 
  • A good face shield can be washed with normal household detergents. 
  • A good face shield is reusable and has a very low maintenance cost. 
  • A good face shield has adjustable elastic straps.

That said, let’s take you through some such products that you can buy at Lezar 3D visiere

  1. The V-RAD Face Shield

This face shield has the following features. 

  • It has a 0.02 inches thick interchangeable PETG screen. 
  • It has adjustable straps so that it can fit all faces. 
  • It has a very low maintenance cost since it doesn’t require any special solution to clean. 
  1. The V-129 Face Shield

Priced at just 15 CAD, this face shield has the following attributes. 

  • Its clear PETG screen has a thickness of 0.02 inches. 
  • Its screen can be removed and is interchangeable as well. 
  • One shield fits all faces since it had adjustable elastic bands. 
  • It can be easily sterilized.
  1. The PPE DTLZ3D Face Shield

An FDA approved product priced at just 15 Canadian dollars, this face shield has a PETG screen that can be made 0.02 or 0.03 inches thick. Some other features that make this face shield better than most are listed below. 

  • Its support and elastic can be easily washed with normal household solvents. 
  • Its PETG screen can be removed as well as readjusted. 
  • The support and elastic of this face shield are dishwasher safe. 

Other than these 3 amazing FDA approved face shields at Lezar 3D visiere, there are a few other products that you can buy. 

  1. Disposable Protective Masks

This firm offers 50 non-medical protective masks (10 boxes with 5 masks in every box) at just 45 Canadian dollars. 

  1. Attach for Mask

This is another FDA approved product that’s super light and strong and can be easily attached to the mask. Besides, both its straps are adjustable and washable. 

Contact the sellers on their website, for more details.