5 Reasons To Use Dedicated Hosting For Your Website


Online presence has become the norm for any business looking to increase its reach and expand its operations. As such, businesses are on the lookout for high-performance hosting services to publish their websites.

Dedicated Server Hosting is a top-tier hosting solution that’s preferred by big companies. A Dedicated Server hosts only one website at a time. So all the server resources like storage and memory are “dedicated” to one website.

Due to its exclusive nature, Dedicated Hosting is also the most expensive hosting solution among the ones available today. But it is still the preferred choice for businesses that value privacy, performance and control. A Dedicated Hosting Server is also more secure for the same reason.

But not all websites need a Dedicated Hosting Server. Does your website need the exclusivity that it offers?

Here are our five reasons to use Dedicated Hosting for your website.

1. Better traffic management

A website’s ultimate purpose is to generate as much traffic as it can. More traffic means more growth. But the more traffic a website gets, the more resources it needs to keep functioning smoothly. If your website is getting around 1500 to 2000 unique visitors on a daily basis, you should consider getting a Dedicated Server. With the entire server at your disposal, there’s no immediate danger of running out of resources.

2. Stronger security measures

Your website’s exclusivity on a Dedicated Server is also responsible for its enhanced security. Since it does not share the hosting space with any other website, you shouldn’t be worried about the “bad neighbour effect”. In a shared server environment, when one website is attacked or infected, the rest of the websites in the shared space are at risk. On a Dedicated Server, you also have the freedom to fine-tune your security.

3. Faster page load times

Page load time is the time taken by a webpage to fully render and load in a user’s browser. Poor page load times can give the impression of a slow website. On the other hand, if your page loads faster, your website will seem faster even with average performance. Page load speed also affects your SEO score. Dedicated Server Hosting boosts your page load speed with ample resources.

4. Custom configurations

Website hosting has now evolved to the level where the default hosting settings are good enough for running an average-sized website. But “good enough” is not enough for some sites. In such a case, customising configuration as per your specific requirements will boost performance by a significant margin. Hosting, especially Linux Server Hosting and managed digital ocean allows you to customise your hosting environment easily with full root access to the server.

5. Easy scalability

A platform’s scalability will determine its capacity to keep up with the growth of your website. If it grows faster than your hosting can keep up, it will eventually run out of resources and crash. Scalability allows you to add resources to your hosting as and when needed. It is not easy to do on all platforms. But it is easy to scale up with a Dedicated Server. Just ensure that you choose a web hosting provider that offers instant server provisioning with its Dedicated Hosting plans.

If you are still wondering, “what is a Dedicated Server?” and if it’s worth the extra money, take a look at the following video:

Christopher Campisi