A Complete Guide to Root Android Device using 360 Root App



Do you need the superuser permission or optimize the performance of the operating system? Well, you can root your Android device using any popular rooting applications. 360 Root is one of the best one-click rooting apps that have a higher success rate. Developed by a Chinese company, you can use 360 Root on any Android smartphone and tablet.

Every Android smartphone comes with many default apps which you may not need. Also, most of the unnecessary apps drain the battery life quickly. So to fix this bloatware and battery draining issues, you can root the device. So you can access the system admin and control everything. After rooting the phone, you will delete all unnecessary default apps and programs from the device. 

360 Root App is a tiny Android rooting app that offers you to root your Android devices or tablets with only one tap. Moreover, the rooting procedure is straightforward, even for beginners. Simply install the APK file on your handset, run the app, permit authorizations, and click on the root button to start the rooting process. You may need to hang tight for a couple of moments until completing the process. 

Full Features of 360 Root Application

360 root app offers a high-speed rooting option with no additional knowledge; even a newbie can use this app. It’s a simple root application to use the device with a primary user interface that offers a one-tap root. Moreover, you can unroot the device if you have rooted the phone temporarily. Without much of a stretch, you will be able to uninstall bloatware and clear garbage or cache files from your Android smartphones. Let’s check out the standard features and functions of this root app.

One-Click Root Application

If you are looking for the top one-click root app, you can download 360 Root. It is easy and straightforward. Also, it has a higher success rate. After downloading and installing the APK, you can root the phone with one click. 

Rooting Quickly

Quick rooting is another feature of this app. If your Android device is running on Android version 2.2 or higher, you can use this app. Simply download the app, install it, and open the app. Then tap on the Root button and wait for a while. That is it.

Uninstalling Default Apps and Bloatware

Is your Android device having a bloatware problem? Do you need to uninstall default or system apps? Well, you can download and use this root app. After rooting, you will be able to uninstall and delete any system or default apps from your device.

Storage Cleaner

This tool also lets you clean storage information from your Android device, empowering the machine to work better and expand device space by cleaning garbage and temporary files.

Screen Lock

If you want to lock the screen and lock any specific app, you can use this rooting app. It allows you to screen lock any app or file.

How to Install and Use 360 Root Application

The rooting process is simple. Here, we will share the complete guides about installing and using the 360 Root app on your Android device.

Step 1: Download 360 Root APK latest version.

Step 2: Go to the “File Manager” and locate the APK file under either the “Download” folder or “APK” folder.

Step 3: Now, click on the APK to install it on your device.

Step 4: From the popup, allow the installation of apps from third party sources, and complete the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Now, open this root app, navigate the rooting option, and then click on the “Exploit” option. 

Step 6: If 360 Root finds any exploit on your device, click on the root button, and the rooting process will begin.

Step 7: Wait for a few minutes because rooting will take time.

Step 8: When the rooting is completed, a big green tick mark will appear. 

Step 9: Now, try to install the SuperSU, and if you succeeded, then your device is fully rooted.

If you want to unroot the device after completing the tasks, you can again use the 360 Root tool.

Important Notice

  • If anything goes wrong, your device can be bricked or damaged
  • Rooting void the software warranty
  • Unroot the device if you dislike the rooting
  • Backup all files and data before rooting

Developer Credit: (360 Security Center) has developed and distributed this one-click root app. As freeware, we have shared the latest version in this article. So, a big thanks to the developer, and all credit goes to them to create for sharing such a useful rooting tool.

360 Root app is the leading one-click rooting application, especially for Chinese devices. It supports more than 9000 smartphones and tablets. Using this rooting app, you can root almost all smartphones without having any issue. In this post, we have analyzed the complete guides for beginners. If you want to root the Android device the first time, read the full post, and follow the instructions carefully. 


Christopher Campisi