Five Essential Features To Look For When Choosing A Recruitment CRM

Selecting the right recruitment CRM software is crucial to the success of any recruiting agency. However, it can be difficult to figure out the important features and separate them from the unnecessary ones.

An efficient software can give agencies the upper hand in a market where relationship management has become more important than ever. And integrating the right CRM software into your business will give you a significant competitive advantage.

Here are five essential features you want in a recruitment CRM software if you’re looking to take your business to the next level.

  1. Simple Interface

Even the most advanced software would be a hindrance if it’s too complicated for your employees to figure out.

You want to ensure that all your recruitment-related activities can be carried out on a single software so you can avoid wasting time switching between platforms. A software like the one offered by Recruiterflow allows you to carry out all hiring activities, from sourcing to the final hire, using a single interface.

When the interface is easy to navigate for both employees and clients, your hiring process becomes more efficient.

  1. Easy Sourcing

Look for a software which gives you the option of sourcing the ideal candidates without having to adhere to long, rigorous searches. You must be able to reach out to candidates directly on their business profiles on websites like Linkedin, GitHub, and Angelist.

The recruitment CRM software at Recruiterflow even allows you to post job openings on various job boards from where candidates are guided directly to your dashboard. Additionally, you are also provided with a unique URL for each role, allowing you to post the job just about anywhere!

  1. Automation

Tracking conversations with multiple candidates can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and entirely inefficient. It’s difficult to maintain an efficient rapport with multiple candidates to ensure they stay engaged.

You want to ensure that the CRM software you invest in can automate most of your transactional messages and emails. This way you won’t have to spend time maintaining individual relationships. These automated emails can be programmed so that FAQS asked by candidates are answered immediately, giving them a better sense of their position in the hiring process.

  1. Pipeline Management

While most CRM softwares are adept at sourcing and communicating with clients, few are set up to track the entire recruitment process.

An efficient software, like Recruiterflow’s, gives you and your candidate a clear picture of which stage of the hiring process you are currently in.

Efficient pipeline management means having a record of all communication with a candidate. The right software will give you insights into whether a candidate is going to accept a position (based on previous communication and records), or abort the entire process.

These valuable insights can help you nurture and retain the best talent in the market, giving your recruitment agency the necessary advantage to get ahead of the competition.

Efficient pipeline management also means being able to arrange for interviews and meetings with candidates in a way that works for both parties. The recruitment CRM software at Recruiterflow allows you to send candidates a calendar with slots indicating when your employee is free to interview them. Once the candidate chooses a slot, your employee is notified, ensuring both parties are able to meet when it’s convenient.

  1. Accurate Reports

Your recruitment business can be significantly improved by improving the efforts of those who work with the CRM software. And the best way to figure out what to work on would be to track your progress.

One of the most important attributes of an efficient recruitment CRM software is a feature that allows you to track your recruitment metrics, so you can make changes where necessary.

CRM software like the one at Recruiterflow can provide insights into where the best candidates come from and how to optimize your efforts to extract maximum value from this source. You will also receive data on the speed at which you’re able to hire and which mode of interview works best. While reporting may seem like a function that’s not essential to hiring itself, the right reports can go a long way to improving your agency’s efforts.

Get The Right Software

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which software would be best for your company.

But few systems offer all of these essential features, and fewer still have the accessibility and mobility offered by a software like Recruiterflow.

So choose the right CRM software and watch your agency grow at an incredible rate.

Christopher Campisi