How Much Do You Know about Laptops?

In just two years, HONOR Laptops have released many products such as MagicBook and MagicBook Pro. This has won the favor of many students and working people. To distinguish the needs of different users, in 2019, HONOR launched the HONOR MagicBook Pro Ruilong version. It is to meet the market demand for large-screen light and thin PC products.

This laptop adopts the brand-new Ruilong 4000H series standard voltage processor. It is equipped with AMD’s latest 7nm mobile flat HONOR MagicBook Pro Ruilong version. So it looks a little slender than ordinary notebook computers. It is equipped with a 16.1-inch screen. It is large in size. Its four sides are designed with narrow borders. This further modifies the overall appearance.

The large size does not affect the portability of this PC. Because its body is made of aluminum alloy made of anodized process. The overall weight is controlled at about 1.7 kg. The thickness of the body is thinner to 16.9 mm. This makes the large screen lighter and lighter.

After turning on the laptop, you can feel the visual impact. It is brought by the narrow borders on the four sides. The upper border and the left and right borders are equal in width. All three are 4.9 mm. This gives people a natural and harmonious look and feel. The whole screen accounting for 90%.

What makes people pay more attention is that this screen has passed the German Rhine stroboscopic certification. It can filter 30% of harmful blue light. It is friendly to users who use notebook screens for a long time. This can better protect their eyes.

The 16.1-inch screen has a resolution of 1920×1080. It has a 100% sRGB color gamut and a contrast ratio of 1000: 1. The overall visual perception is excellent.

For a large-screen PC with a price level of £ 849.99, the experience brought to users is perfect. By the display on the screen, consumers feel like a product in the first echelon.

Regarding the details of the body surface, there is a strong visual contrast. It is between the silver metal shell and the ink-black keyboard area.

On both sides of the keyboard area, the sound outlet of the speaker is designed. The right area contains the power key. It reduces the additional openings of the body. This improves the overall feeling, and looks very harmonious.

The body interfaces are arranged on both sides. It is with Type-C interface, HDMI interface and USB3.2 Gen1 interface supporting charging on the left.

On the right side of the fuselage, there is a 3.5 mm earphone microphone two-in-one interface. There are two USB3.2 gen1 interfaces. HONOR MagicBook Pro Ruilong Edition has both an all-purpose interface such as USB-C. It has a conventional interface such as USB-A plus standard HDMI. You can use it at will in any place without fear of no electricity. It can meet any scene.

The power key of this product supports the two-in-one design of fingerprint power supply. It can complete password authentication. It can directly enter the system when starting up. At the same time, it has self-learning function. The longer it is used, the higher the recognition rate. it is convenient and fast. It is a design that cannot be separated from use.

Christopher Campisi