How to increase the Church Online Giving at your Church

Making an online payment is the new normal, which many of the NGO and Church organizations have to adapt too. Online donation trend becomes popular in the case of NGO but Church Online Giving lacks very much behind. 

This is due to people’s attitude towards the online church donation, where people feel it losing touch with the traditional value of the church. Despite, the negative attitude, many churches are promoting online giving and some are already able to run it successfully. To promote the online giving at your church you can use the following tips: 

Tips For Growing Online Church Giving Culture: 

Promote Church Online Giving

Just making the app or website with a button for pay is not enough when it comes to online donations for churches. Unlike NGO’s, people approach church charity differently. Firstly, what you can do is promote the different options and platforms where people can go to donate. 

The next step is to convey it to people and make it open that you are accepting the online donation. For an effective online fundraising strategy, you need to work on creating awareness among the people and make it habitual for people to give an online donation. 

Here is what you can do to promote the online giving: 


  • Announce for Church Online Giving


  • Mention the online giving to people during offerings
  • Promote your donation page via email or messages
  • Place a poster for online giving
  • Announcements during your worship service

Take A One-Time Offering During Your Worship Service

To make people more familiar with online church giving, you can ask them to make a one-time online offering. Encouraging people to use their mobile phones to make an online donation and see it for themselves how easy and convenient it is than the traditional way of making offerings.

Include A Giving Button On Your Church’s Website

If you have a church website, you can use it to promote online donations. You may not be aware of how many people visit your church website, site visitors mostly includes the existing members of your church. You can include a button for donation on your website that makes it visible to website visitors about online giving at your church. The church website is essential that you need to use for getting online donations for your church. By adding the “Give Now” button on your church website, you can navigate the site visitor to the donation form.

Christopher Campisi