How to Verify Your Phone Number on Instagram: Click here

Social media is a fantastic way to connect with your customers and build trust, after all, the more people who see your posts, the more likely it is that someone will stumble upon them and start following you.

However, in order to get the most out of this platform, you need to make sure that only people you want to see posts from are able to access it, by verifying your phone number on Instagram, you’ll be able to limit who sees your posts so that only people in your contact list can do so.

This makes it much easier for people who follow you to find new content from you as well as keep an eye out for anything new. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about verifying your phone number on Instagram.


Why is Instagram Phone Verification Important?

It’s important to verify your phone number on Instagram because the platform is primarily used for sharing photos, because of this, having the ability to see who has favorited, liked, and followed your posts means that you’ll have a better idea of who is interested in your content.

This can help you reach new customers and stay on top of ongoing conversations more efficiently, by verifying your number, you’ll also be able to access all of the additional features mentioned above.

Additionally, if you change your phone number, you’ll get extended verification time so that you can continue to control the account until you reach someone at your new number.

How to Verify Your Number on Instagram

To begin the verification process on Instagram, you need to visit the account settings page from there, you can tap on Add Security Code.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll input the security code that has been sent to you.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a message from Instagram telling you that your account has been verified. If you want to change your phone number, you can do so by visiting the same account settings page and Click here for the update security code button then from here, you’ll be able to enter the new number you want to use and then hit Update.

Check if your Instagram Account is Verified

You can use this verification code generator website to quickly see if your Instagram account is verified, just enter your Instagram username, the username of the person you’re trying to check if they have verified their account, and your code.

  • If the website shows that they have verified their account, follow the link to their profile and verify yours.
  • If you don’t have access to your friend’s account, you can also use the Instagram search bar to look up their username.
  • If you find someone who you know uses Instagram, you can send them a direct message or use the search bar to see if they’re verified.