Importance of Educating Your Online Community

As I said before, an educated customer is a customer with an open chequebook. And, for those who cannot understand it, the more you educate your client in the niche in which you refer, the more willing he will be to pay, because he knows that everything he has learned from you has generated value and, above all, changes and results.

The Trick Is This

If you offer free content, workshops, templates and courses in the first instance, with a basic and generalized structure, and then integrate heavy machinery in terms of knowledge and thus be able to sell, all those who follow you will notice that you are a professional in the area because those resources that are free in the beginning are small capsules of knowledge that you share before having a launch or a special offer.

So, have you already realized how important it is to educate your online community? In short, they increase your income organically and without much process.

Educate Through Instagram

Educating through Instagram is one of the strategies that catapult revenue use the most. We know that the majority of the world population is very active on Instagram, so it is a good platform.

Educate Through a YouTube Webinar

This type of strategy is very useful when I am about to launch a new course or book. I seek to make free educational content. I can share this content through Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, and then I conduct a webinar to finish education and finally launch the offer.

Educate Through a Podcast

This type of education is my favorite because in my community I have noticed that not all users have the availability to be on Instagram, since they have daily tasks and tasks and, of course, I did not want that percentage of people to be left without knowledge. Therefore, I decided to migrate to the podcast format so that people, whatever they are doing, do not stop learning.

The advantage of the podcast is that I educate my community among their daily tasks and continue to gain knowledge.

Educate Through Online Courses

This type of education is one of my favorites since I started in the world of digital marketing. I have implemented it with a lot of passion.

Taking an online course to continue educating your community is a very exclusive and more professional way of doing it. It requires planning, execution and measurement time because to take a course, and you need to be at a high level of knowledge, have experience and, of course, have time to plan a course with very good content.

This type of knowledge is characterized by having a title, a study index, a perfect explanation through tutorials, templates, resources, in short, a theoretical and practical part.

Educate through LinkedIn

I know that many of you know me for having started on Instagram, but one of my biggest jobs has been learning and emigrating to other social networks because we know that 100% of users are not on Instagram. There are also entrepreneurs and, as I am too, I decided to reach this niche through LinkedIn, and it has been great.

Through LinkedIn, I share my podcast, valuable business posts, articles I post on my blog, and Nuggets videos that work for me.

Christopher Campisi