Protect your privacy with a secure VPN

Vypr VPN is a popular service that has won millions of hearts. This helps you to protect your online privacy by hiding your IP Address. So that you can anonymously browse anything you would like to, using this secure VPN.

VyprVPN for Android TV provides you fast access without limitations and an easy and safe, and secure connection. Thus, you will be able to hide behind a virtual private network with protecting your privacy. Whenever you search for global content, web content, or downloading something, you will be able to do everything anonymously with 100% protected privacy. You can always enjoy a safe and secure connection using this VyprVPN Service. For example, you will be able to access geographically restricted websites, apps that are not available for your country, or any other restricted thing. Yet all will be done anonymously so your privacy will be protected, and your work will be done.

You can install this VPN TV app using Play Store TV, Filelinked or using Aptoide TV. If you have Filelinked code for this VPN, then it is the easiest way to install this VPN on any Android TV box including shield TV, Mi BOX, Firestick and all.

Special Characteristics of VyprVPN


Three-day trial free of charge:

You can use this VyprVPN without any risk. You can hide and secure your identity and use without any commitments and easy cancellation. Using this VyprVPN app, you will discover a safe and secure connection with many facilities.

No logging policies:

You don’t have to log or sign in to the application. Besides this, VPN Service does not monitor, expose, or transmit the user data to third parties. The independent audits of the service help you to protect your data.

Access without limitations:

The user can download, unblock geographically restricted sites, their favorite contents that cannot be downloaded, and avoid data caps and buffering while streaming. Since the VPN Service covers your original identity, you will be able to access any restricted content without a doubt.

More than 70 global server locations included:

VyprVPN provides you the chance to browse over 700 servers, 200,000 + IPs spanning 70 countries and six continents. Stand a chance to use this all, cover behind a VPN and do all the tasks you want to be done.

High-Speed Servers:

Using this function, you will be able to defeat buffering and throttling. You will be able to play games, download stuff, and stream at high speed where you can never experience from another VPN service ever. VyprVPN guarantees that this is the best high speed and fastest VPN connection you ever get.

Running another application on background will hurt device performance. You can close other unwanted background processers using Clean Master. Use CPU and RAM cleaning features of Clean master to gain more performance easily.



VyprVPN can be introduced as a professional VPN Service that offers its users the best service. With its security and safety, you can cover your original identity anywhere and safely browse whatever content you need. VyprVPN is compatible with any device and can be easily used on laptops, smart phones, or even on your TV.

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