What is HMS Core and its Features

Based on the Android platform and Huawei devices, HMS core offers a framework for mobile services and has proven to be very useful for the those who are into the profession of app development. There are certain basic services which are provided by HMS Core; like payment for the Huawei users and HUAWEI ID. The users can get access to all the Huawei services after logging into their system. The various services they get access to include Cloud, App Gallery, and Health. Apart from these, there are various other types of services which HMS core provides; like quick HUAWEI ID login, message push, positioning, in-app transactions, game, map, machine learning and other. On the whole, the basic idea of HMS core is to offer a more efficient and effective platform for an enhanced user experience.

HMS Core Kits

Here is a brief insight into some of the Core Kits and Capabilities

  • In-App Purchase Kit: It offers are payment service which works all over the world, and allows the user to monetize their app anywhere.
  • Account Kit: It offers are secure, quick and convenient means for the users to login to their app.
  • Ads Kit: It allows the users to get access to ads of the highest quality, which can help them to get the maximum value out of their monetizable traffic.
  • Push Kit: It helps in the process of improving of responsiveness and targeting while engaging the users.
  • Analytics Kit: It offers the perfect platform for collecting and analyzing the data.
  • Site Kit: It offers services, which are specific to the locations where the users are located.
  • Location Kit: It helps to get hold of the location of users in a more precise and effective manner.
  • Quick App: These are apps, which do not require to be installed and can also be run on all kinds of devices.
  • Map Kit: It allows the user to personalize the display of the map and in a more interactive manner, which offers better services, when it comes to anything related to the location.
  • Drive Kit: It allows the users to manage and store their data in a secured manner on the cloud.
  • Wallet Kit: It offers an all-in-one digital wallet mechanism, which allows convenient access to other services and business.
  • Health Kit: It allows to design an app to help the users with different types of data and information related to their fitness.

Apart from these, there are various other features of HMS Core, which has made it one of the most effective and reliable platforms, for app development. Developers from all over the world are using it, as it offers an array of different types of features and user friendly interface; for designing apps of different types.

With the help of this platform, it has now become easy to create and design apps which are user friendly and convenient, and at the same time, offers lot of ease and convenience to the users.

Christopher Campisi