What is parental control software and what is it for?

With the technological revolution that we are currently experiencing, minors have more and more contact with all these technologies. They are even the ones who teach their parents or grandparents to use computers, tablets or mobile phones. All these new technologies are very helpful when it comes to studying or simply to be able to contact their friends in a more comfortable way.

But all this use of technology can also become a problem for them, since the dangers they contain are very high, such as cyber bullying or adult-contents. Along with the above, contacts with unknown people are increasingly frequent on various social networks, and these people are not always to be trusted. Minors can also access content that is inappropriate for them, such as content of violence, pornography or radicalism. For this reason, more and more parents are looking for a solution to all these problems.

What is Parental Control?

Parental control software is a tool that allows parents to control and / or limit the content to which their children can access the internet from their devices, whether they are computers, mobiles or tablets. There is numerous parental control tools that currently exist, with which parents can learn to keep their children safe from the digital world in a comfortable and simple way.

The operation is usually very simple and intuitive. The application is installed on the mobile or tablet, and an account is created on the web with which it connects to the mobile. With this you can already enjoy the advantages that these tools have and the tranquility they offer their users.

  • Web Control – Parents can now block unwanted websites on the various categories. You can put specific web pages which can be blocked.
  • Application control – In this way we can prevent our children from having access to certain applications such as instant messaging programs, social network applications, access to web browsers, access to application stores, etc.
  • Call blocking – With this tool you will be able to block telephones to which calls cannot be made or received, besides defining the operation for international calls or unknown numbers.
  • Time of use – A parental control software can limit the internet access time, so that your children can no longer be able to watch videos, or use internet after a defined time.
  • Alarms – With this you can set alarms for your child’s device, alerting him to anything.
  • Geo-location – It allows you to know the location in which your child is located, knowing where they are in real time.
  • Emergency Button – It is a crucial feature: a “Panic Button”, so that your child’s phone can send you an alert of an emergency situation.


Not all applications incorporate all the functionalities mentioned above. The best parental control software allows using all of them and more. Although all these characteristics are very good and provide great help, we cannot leave everything on digital learning. So we attach great importance to educating them the proper use of the devices.

Christopher Campisi