Which is The Best Option: Honor Watch ES Versus Honor Brand 6

Having a great device to aid your everyday workout is a great plus. There are selections in the smart wearable industry, and brands are still innovating their products to be on top of the other. One of the leading names in this category is Honor, which has many items that the manufacturers introduced in the market.

We will evaluate two of this brand’s most potent smart wearables: Honor Watch ES and Honor Band 6. Both items, though, generate good sales. However, there are some perks on each device that outwits the other.

We list down some of Honor Watch ES and Honor Band 6 significant strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which fitness tracker will suit your lifestyle.

Honor Watch ES Vs. Honor Band 6, Which to Buy?

Honor Watch ES


1. Functional Course Routine

The significant advantage of having an Honor Watch ES is its course works very well. There is a multitude of routines that the watch has to offer, with over 95 wellness styles. The new Fitness instructional mode is also ideal for anyone seeking to upgrade their power or fitness through guided exercises. 

2. Lightweight Design

Undoubtedly, the Honor product comes in a lightweight design suitable for an excellent smart wearable. This fitness tracker and smartwatch extension are not chunky, with only 21 grams, thus giving you a feeling that you are not wearing any band on your wrist.

3. Inexpensive Price

Honor Watch ES comes at an affordable price. The cost of this item in all leading online marketplaces starts at $115.00. You can also have some fantastic deals with terrific freebies if you head to their physical stores. The functions and features of this wearable are equal to its pricing.


1. Notification is not Reliable

One of the significant lapses of this device is its notification inability to function. Honor Watch ES will not allow you to reply to notifications or messages when it pops on your screen. It would be best to open your phone to respond to any critical notices.

Honor Band 6


1. Better Battery Life

Most people buy smart wearables that last for a very long time, at least. Thus, Honor Band 6 is the go-to product that will give you long-lasting battery life within 14 days. Even when you run multiple apps on the watch, its low battery consumption on applications is a pro.

2. Inexpensive Band

Many are intrigued by how this product can be affordable given its multiple outstanding functions. If you are pretty curious how much is Band 6the initial launching price is around $ 60.00. This item under 100 bucks is worth every penny.

3. Best Added Health Metrics

The band has additional oximeter metrics to top its unique health monitoring perks. These other features enable users to monitor their oxygen and are essential to making their fitness journey at a high location. Few brands put this category considering its inexpensive cost.


1. Compatible with Huawei and iPhone Only

If you do not have any Huawei or iPhone, then having the Honor Band 6 is not ideal. Its limited phone compatibility made this an exclusive wearable rather than a universal wearable gadget.

Is Honor Watch ES Better Than Honor Band 6?

Both Honor wearable series products boast their affordable pricing. However, if you want to have the best features paired with the low-priced band, go for Honor Band 6. Meanwhile, the Honor Watch ES is a good starter smartwatch for beginners.

Choosing between the two gems is hard, but if you want quality with inexpensive value, Honor Band 6 is the best buy. 

Christopher Campisi