Why Does Your Company Need the Correct SIEM Solution to Protect Its Network?

Every business would benefit from a SIEM system since it provides critical security knowledge. It is a highly efficient monitoring and logs analytics solution that enables enterprises to collect, store, and analyze data in real-time from a number of sources. Companies can achieve this skill through this choice because it is so effective. Following that, this data might be utilized to identify potentially risky online conduct or dangers to the entire business. It also has a compliance reporting capability, which assists businesses in following a number of standards and legislation, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, and many more. Because it contains all of these desirable properties, a SIEM solution has become an essential tool for any firm that is serious about securing its networks and ensuring compliance with all necessary regulatory standards.

As you read, you will be able to better comprehend everything that you can expect by utilizing SIEM in your own business. For some of the best services on the market, you don’t have to look further than NetWitness to provide you with such security. Their program gets into all components of your data to look for any possible breaches, including the people using your software.

How SIEM Can Help in the Prevention of Cyber Attacks on Your Network

A security information and event management system, or SIEM system, is a valuable tool for recognizing cyber risks, preventing them, and dealing with them when they occur. To do so, it collects data from numerous sources, such as network devices, applications, security appliances, operating systems, web servers, databases, and so on, before evaluating it. The security information and event management system (SIEM) can detect potentially dangerous network behavior by monitoring log files and other activities. It also provides a set of pre-defined rules that govern the kind of activity that must be reported or banned.

The SIEM can warn administrators of any potential dangers or vulnerabilities in their networks by sending an email or text message. Administrators with this knowledge and the power to act can take the required actions to mitigate the risk before it becomes an issue. For example, they may identify hazardous data being posted to the corporate network and then take steps to prevent them from spreading further.

The security information and event management system may also be used to detect risks that originate within an organization, such as employees who misuse company resources or obtain illegal access to critical data. If there is any suspicious activity on the network, it can notify the administrators, allowing them to take prompt action and limit the degree of harm. It may also be utilized to identify any policy infractions made by staff members before they escalate into more severe difficulties. This can be done before or after the infractions have produced more serious problems.

The Advantages of SIEM in the Cloud

Companies may use cloud-based security information and event management systems to detect threats, properly evaluate them, and respond to them in the shortest amount of time feasible. Since they leverage cloud computing, these systems may swiftly expand and alter in response to changing data security rules. Therefore, the total cost of ownership for these cars is typically relatively low. (TCO). Because cloud-based solutions are bound by fewer physical hardware limits, traditional on-premise solutions are sometimes more difficult to set up and install than their cloud-based counterparts.

Because of their scalability, cloud-based systems can manage massive amounts of data in an effective and efficient manner within a time period that is very close to real-time. When it comes to tackling sophisticated cyber threats, the capacity to boost automation and improve detection capabilities is critical. Cloud-based SIEMs may also be placed at many sites or connected networks to provide an even greater level of protection against possible attacks.

Choosing the Best SIEM

After determining the necessary SIEM scale and scope, it is critical to evaluate a few additional variables before making a final option. The cost is always one of the most essential considerations. A crucial way to have a realistic security information and event management system is to look at your budget and the features that are supplied. (SIEM). The cost of various SIEM kinds will vary. Also, keep in mind any ongoing costs associated with subscription or maintenance fees for often upgrading features and releasing new versions of the product.

Another critical factor to consider is compatibility. Several SIEM systems may not integrate with your existing technology, such as cloud apps or on-premises hardware. It is critical to ensure that the system you choose is compatible with the architecture you already have in place. This will help you prevent any compatibility issues that might be costly and time-consuming to resolve.

The third step will be to investigate the customer support alternatives provided by the possible SIEM supplier you choose. Look for service providers who offer technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a range of useful resources such as online tutorials and frequently asked questions. (FAQs). When it comes to realizing the potential of your SIEM solution, having dedicated customer support may make a major difference.

If you keep these factors in mind, you should be able to choose a SIEM solution that satisfies both your demands and your economic constraints. If the correct system is in place, you can rest secure knowing that your company is safe from attacks both within and outside its four walls.

Why Should You Always Choose NetWitness for SIEM Solutions?

NetWitness has spent the last 25 years striving to establish itself as a credible cybersecurity firm that has helped clients keep their data safe in a number of methods since its beginning in 1997. Consumers now receive this assistance as a result of the company’s many years of hard work. Access and transparency, analytics of user activity, and applied threat intelligence are just a few of the capabilities that NetWitness can deliver. These services keep clients and analysts aware of potential cyber dangers by staying one step ahead of the curve.

NetWitness can provide you with not only the SIEM software you require but also the maintenance and support you require to keep the program running and to assist you in resolving any difficulties that may develop. You are able to do so because you can rely on NetWitness to do so. Visit the NetWitness website to learn more about all that is accessible to you and your organization.

Christopher Campisi