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  1. The dark side of Jack and Jill

    Last year Google released new toolchain - Jack (Java Android Compiler Kit) and Jill (Jack Intermediate Library Linker) which is intended to replace existing javac + dx pipeline. In this article I will try to gather my thoughts and concerns regarding this new toolchain. But before I start digging deeper into…

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  2. Gradle tip #4: Log unit test execution events into console

    Today's tip will be really short (but hopefully useful). I personally run Android unit tests manually from command line really often (./gradlew test) - just a habit I believe. However, by default, gradle just silently runs unit test suite w/o communicating progress. Essentially it just fails if some of…

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  3. Gradle tip #3: Tasks ordering

    Part 1 Part 2 I noticed that the quite often problem I face when I work with Gradle - is tasks ordering (either existing or my custom ones). Apparently my build works better when my tasks are executed at the right moment of the build process :) So let's dig deeper…

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  4. Gradle tip #2: understanding syntax

    Part 1 Part 3 In the Part 1 we talked about tasks and different stages of the build lifecycle. But after I published it I realized that before we jump into Gradle specifics it is very important to understand what we are dealing with - understand its syntax and stop…

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  5. Gradle tip #1: tasks

    Part 2 Part 3 With this post I would like to start series of Gradle-related topics I wish I knew when I first started writing Gradle build scripts. Today we will talk about Gradle tasks and specifically configuration and execution parts of the task. Since these terms might appear unknown…

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  6. Saving Android View state correctly

    Today we will talk about saving and restoring View states in Android. I intentionally want to keep our focus on Android Views state just because I found this process just a little bit trickier than saving your Activity or Fragment state. Plus I think I've seen enough of re-invented wheels…

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