All About YouTube Marketing!

How about reading YouTube videos instead of watching YouTube videos this time? Most of us have probably watched too many YouTube videos one evening after another.

YouTube has always been a fun and educational streaming channel. (Greetings to the first YouTube video that should be read in the history books!) It also demonstrates its power as an important tool for marketers. According to the State of Inbound report, nearly half (48%) of all marketers plan to add YouTube to their marketing strategy. While we are writing this article, a video may be uploaded to YouTube with a brand new marketing strategy and waiting for its impact! 

With many target audiences for companies, businesses and brands, YouTube can help brands improve their SEO and brand visibility as the internet’s largest search engine after Google. From this perspective, it allows marketers to deliver creative content that is as easy to consume as it is to share. 

You can find the methods to follow in order for an effective YouTube Marketing right below! 

1- Do Your Research

This journey, like all internet tools, starts with opening an account on Google, your business or in your own name. After the steps to be completed easily, we can start! 

Doing a good research is of course the first step of any marketing strategy. Just like you can’t blog without knowing what your audience wants to learn about and read, or what it’s like to blog about, it may be unwise to jump headlong into video content without research.

As with any marketing strategy, it is very important to see what your competitors are doing after you have clearly defined your target audience. At this point, making a SWOT analysis will also allow you to see the situation from a broader perspective. Identifying each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and potential threats that arise from it will help you understand what works and what doesn’t, and place your YouTube channel in the right place. Examining how competitors produce video content and how successful they are in this regard will be a savior for you before starting the strategy. So before coming up with a brand new marketing strategy, it’s crucial to look at what’s already out there and what’s successful and what’s not.

2- Produce Effective and Creative Content

When producing content for your YouTube channel, it is important to think ahead and consider why your target audience and potential followers will interact with your content and not other content. Today, people prefer to watch videos to access the information they are looking for. In accessing this information, video transmissions attract more attention than reading blog posts or e-books.

For marketers, this means keeping content interesting, of course. The buyer will not want to watch the uninteresting video and will indirectly refuse to buy the product. The more creative and engaging the content, the more discoverable it will be for the client.

3- Collaborate with Other Brands and YouTubers

A word that has been in our language for the last few years on YouTube: YouTuber. These people are people who receive thousands or even millions of interactions, exist in every field and make an impact in their own fields. It’s easy to find a YouTube star that fits your content and industry, as they cater to all interests. (Here we go back to our first item: doing research!) These people, who create content on fashion, beauty, parenting, car repair, electronics and more, make videos that will attract followers and potential customers. This cooperation turns into a profitable business for both parties. Collaborating with people with a similar audience to yours will be both organic and lucrative.

4- Get People to Go to Your Website

Although this article may seem simple among others, it is actually one of the most effective ways to increase traffic on your website. You can do this by adding an annotation to your content that will take users to your site when they click, or by adding your website address to the description box below the video.

5- Create Discourses to Action

It is in your best interest to use “Call to Action”, which is not a customary method on YouTube, that is, discourses that will mobilize the consumer. It is important to create a discourse on the subject and thus to mobilize the consumer what kind of result you want each content you create to have for the other party. For example, if the content of your video is promotional content, tell them to explore your website for more information. In this way, you will guide your audience and you will be able to see the results actively.

6- Maintain the Stability of Your Channel

The stability of the YouTube channel is considered more difficult than the stability of the blogs on the website. The requirements of YouTube content such as production details, scenario requirements, creating the appropriate environment can take a lot of time and all these may cause extra costs. However, YouTube should be treated the same as any other part of your content strategy. So, if you are not consistent and stable, you will not see any results. If you’re going to do YouTube marketing, you have to include everything. It can be important at this point to make a promotional video on your channel so that subscribers know how often you will post. If you post well-crafted, thoughtful videos and then start lowering the quality of your content, you will inevitably see a drop in your followers. After publishing your first video, you should not cause a downgrade. Even if you don’t improve the quality of later videos, it’s very important to make sure you maintain the quality you originally offered.

Christopher Campisi