Augmented Reality Android and iOS Platforms to Dominate Innovation Mobile Ride

We are in times when technology is accelerating very rapidly. It has become harder to keep up with its daily advance. Innovations happening in every related sector, new things come our way sooner than we expect them and many time surprises us. Technologies like virtual reality have started to become a promising dimension for the innovative technology enthusiasts and software developers.

Augmented reality is a technology, using which one sees the world in information assisted projection. This is done with the integration of information with real life objects in a computer generated virtual augmentation. The concepts allow the user to process information from its surrounding environment and use it for user convenience.

Still in its infancy in India, augmented reality has not yet been able to realizetotalityin integrating our life with the digital universe. Difficulty in availing the technology, due to the lack of ideal hardware and general consensus on its use. It is still the centre of attention for developers and IT companies. For now the technology is available to anyone who wishes to use it, by downloading it in their smartphones over the internet. Companies like Qualcomm Inc. and Apple Co. have launched platforms in Android and iOS running devices. Other companies like Intel are keen to convert themselves in this new play field. With Googles Glasses as the latest in the popular hardware to view augmented reality, the majority of the users are based on are smartphone users. Which is dominated with iPhone and android users and many developer see the benefit is in open and flexible platforms like Android?

Augmented reality android developers want ADK’s on platforms which has a broader user base like the IOS and Android. Along with reliable and stable environments these platforms provide the maximum possibilities of getting their products being liked and purchased by the users of the OS. India has been growing in the terms of AR users, application like Alive and Areal have changed the advertising in prints for the better.

Let us take a look at some of the augmented reality android software and their features:

Google Goggles: This amazing Google app works using image recognition technology to deliver information on various Landmarks, hoardings, etc. Using this app you will also be able to scan QR codes and barcodes in products. A comprehensive product Google Goggles allows any smartphone to search the web with its camera and for AR fun, it will solve any Sudoku puzzle you throw at it.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving: As the name suggest it gives you driving instruction on the roads. Made in to a safety app, which can help you to navigate the road better. An amazing augmented reality android app. iOnRoad constantly feeds you with possible dangers in the changing environment while driving. Using a smartphone camera and GPS this app can also memorize the location you parked previously and the GPS navigation will take you to the exact location in the case you want to park your vehicle on the same place.

Tag What: Find details on new places on the net and across social networks. While traveling in a new unknown place use ‘Tag What’ app to find restaurants& bars which are best around that place based upon the tags and read to get any review of the place. Using the smartphone camera and GPS, the application launches its search on the landmarks that you focus the camera on and get any regarding information fetched over the net in and instant an ideal application while travelling abroad.

Augment: This application is a virtual 3D augment creator. Using this app one can recreate the image of objects like books, furniture’s and others in a desired room space. This augmented reality android app helps in ideating in interior decorators and designers to try new settings, without moving heavy objects like furniture around.

The availability of application is unbeatable today and the several interesting options which the augmented reality android & IOS is coming are mind-blowing. With every new and exciting innovations and ideas. Augmented reality android developers are reaching more and more avenues to make your smartphone in to so many things which you have not imagined yet.

Christopher Campisi