Trustpilot Reviews 7 Online Customer Service Techniques

Marketing and customer service should go hand-in-hand. Marketing can bring in customers, and great customer service can help you keep those customers and improve your reputation. Poor customer service, in contrast, can drive customers and prospects away.

But you can’t just tell your team, “Be better at customer service.” They need specific guidelines and a consistent strategy to follow.

That’s why Trustpilot reviews tactics like these seven. Discuss them with your team, and decide together which you’d like to use immediately and what specific steps you’ll check off to make sure it gets done.

1. Give Customers a Voice

Customers rely more on what other customers say about a brand than on what brands say about themselves.

Through social media and other tools, create an online community around your brand. Recruit your best customers to create their own content sharing the excellent experiences they’ve had interacting with your brand.

2. Encourage Online Reviews and Feedback

When you shop online, don’t you read a few reviews? Your customers and prospects do too.

Encourage your customers to review you on third-party sites, like Trustpilot, and leave feedback on your website. Then, write a quick answer to every comment, and have your team openly help customers who are having trouble (even if the complaint seems unfair).

3. Build a FAQ Page

From calls, social media, and online reviews, your team should gather a list of every customer question. Figure out which questions are asked the most, and create an online resource page that answers those questions in text and video. Add categories and a search bar.

4. Create Videos

Isn’t it often easier to watch a video than to read about an issue? You could make product demos, question-and-answer videos, tutorials, and webinars. Keep most videos at one or two minutes, but make webinars 20–30 minutes. Share your videos on social media and elsewhere.

5. Engage on Social Media

Customers and prospects who are performing web searches can stumble onto your social media pages. Make sure to engage with customers there, answering questions and concerns and posting videos and other content.

Have at least one team member closely monitor your accounts and respond quickly to questions.

6. Chat Live

Customers love multitasking while chatting with an agent in a chat box. Add an obvious chat feature to your homepage — and other pages — for those who want it.

Ask customers for the smallest amount of information necessary to answer their questions over chat. And try to answer questions after hours as well.

7. Send Great Emails

A customer should trust that if she sends you an email, she’ll get an almost-immediate acknowledgment email. After that, send a thoughtful, caring email that attempts to solve her challenge in several ways.

Train agents to apologize, be friendly, and use the customer’s name. Also, the same agent should interact with the customer until the ticket is resolved.

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Christopher Campisi