Authentic Review On Calendar King: The Trending Task Organizer App 

There are a few default app in every smartphone which allows you to perform basic tasks such as alarm, notepad, messengers, stickers, weather forecast, Calendar, and more. To execute these tasks, you need different-different applications separately. But there is a wonderful app with combo features available in Apple Store. It helps you to customize your task by marking in different colors, sizes, etc. 

You can use such an app and customize it totally as per your requirement. It’s a user-friendly interface, helps you to see the scheduled tasks at a glance. The application can be used as all one reminder app as well. 

Glimpse of Features

The app is loaded with more than 10 features inside. Let’s see the all-in-one application details.

  • Weekly Task View

Plotting planning for a month and want to achieve the target weekly, then you can create the task list inside the app. And then, you can see all the tasks scheduled for a week on a screen.

  • Weather

If you used to travel one place to another, or if you are planning to go for a trip, you need to check the climate of your destination. For the same, now, you don’t need to install any additional app, instead, you can get the weather forecast inside this Calendar app only.

  • Day Plans

Since its interface is User-friendly and super easy, you can write the daily plans in detail. You can Note every single point there and can view everything at a place. 

  • All-in-one

Whether you talk about Note, Reminders, AwesomeCalendar, or Chat Stickers, everything you will get inside one powerful app. 

  • Hourly Plan

You can also bookmark your hourly tasks and customize them in different-different colors. Likewise, you can create separate works and then add the hourly execution plan inside. 

  • Emojis

When you are using social media apps, you need to share your feeling by sending emoji and Stickers to your friends and family members. And this app is loaded with too many useful emotional icons at a place. 

As you saw, this is one powerful app which meets your almost daily required task including 

AwesomeCalendar, Class Time-Table, Reminders, Custom icons, Designed Marker, Checklist, custom theme colors, etc. So, now no need to fill too much internal storage by installation multiple applications for several requirements. Because, if you use this app, it will give you the power of almost 10+ mobile apps at a time.