Candy Camera

Most people be them kids, youth, adults, and the elderly all over the world loves candy and entertainment. Both of these bring sweet experience which has and continues to delight people. And Studio SJ has introduced an app that performs so well and with its vast easy to use handy features will be just as sweet as the candy we love. 

It is none other than the Candy Camera. If one would be very observant it is no secret that selfies have become part and partial of one’s life and selfies have become a major area in photography. So much so, that feedback has revealed almost a million people take selfies on a daily basis. 

Candy Camera for Android

Candy camera has made its filters to optimize selfies. The silent mode gives the opportunity for anyone to click for a selfie in silence which is useful and handy in locations where silence has to be maintained. Would like to further emphasise on those special selfie filters. The selfie will come out with so much of clarity it is sure to make your skin look beautiful. Specially the female folks who are conscious about the skin appearance is definitely going to go crazy over it. 

To change filters is so easy as one only has to just swipe left or right to find the most beautiful filter one would like to use. Candy camera filters are real time when taking a selfie to make the picture smooth and clear free of glitches that would spoil the selfie. So, one need not worry and stress about the quality each time one clicks for selfies. On top of these filters Android camera has made available on its app, tools to make further required adjustments by its editing tool. 

This enables one to choose slimming, whitening, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and more. Isn’t this amazing the extent Candy camera stretches to make its user satisfied to the core? Yes, it is. Be assured to look the most beautiful in the selfie without any doubt which will surely make you keep your smartphone with the Candy camera within easy reach for more of those beautiful selfies. 

Stickers in the app will suit every occasion and trend to blend in whatever season. Make the wide range of stickers on offer boost your selfie image adding more glamour. Due to the popularity of stickers Candy camera keeps adding on new collections in its regular updates. Selfies will look cute and will make the photography artistic with the choicest of the sticker range offered. With the collage option one is assured with all these value adding options in the app one will have the most distinctive photos with clarity, beauty and decorative!

Download Candy Camera for TV

Many use their Android Smart TV for video call, zoom meetings and etc. But stock TV camera app does not have any filters, effects like on Android phones. Camera apps like Candy camera does not available on TV app stores. 

You can easily download and install Candy Camera on your Android TV box and Fire TV devices using AppLinked, FileSynced or Unlinked app stores. These app stores allow any user to create their own store. That helps you to install any Android app you love on your TV box without any issue.