Digital Signage and Environmental Conservation 

Advertising is an unquestionably important part of running a business, and one of the important considerations that must be made when choosing your mode of advertising is the impact that your efforts may make on the environment. Digital signage has the potential to have a greater impact on environmental conservation than any other form of signage. Additionally, digital signage has the potential to save both man hours and money for your business. 

This article will touch on the greater efficiencies of digital signage in the following ways: 

  • Material output 
  • Manpower
  • Energy efficiency

Let’s take a look at each of these elements in more detail so that you may be able to determine if the use of digital signage software or screen may be a good move for your company. 

Material Output 

Digital signage can increase conservation efforts in the area of material output. Because there is no paper to print when using digital signage as opposed to advertising using pamphlets, there is less waste in that regard. Digital signage does not require any deforestation to produce paper and does not produce any waste should a printed advertisement not be utilized.  


The advantage that digital signage has over traditional letterboard billboard is the lack of manpower it takes to run digital signage. The effort that goes into changing letterboard signs make implementation of the physical signage a longer and more inefficient process, tied to worker availability, or even weather conditions. But with a simple flip of a switch, electric signage is up and running almost instantaneously, its purpose impeded only – and perhaps only even sometimes – by an occasional power outage. Thus, it takes far less to implement digital signage than its print cousin.  

And if your workforce isn’t made to spend their valuable time changing the ads themselves, that leaves you able to dedicate that manpower to a greater initiative, thereby saving valuable man hours for your company’s bottom line. 

Energy Efficiency 

There is a growing move amongst digital sign companies to have their signs run on solar power. If the signs draw their energy from the sun instead of traditional electrical sources it cuts down on electrical costs and is also better for the environment. Certain brands of lights, as well, are more energy efficient. 

A Final Word

If the world today is anything, it is becoming increasingly technology driven, and it is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. Because of this, there is a great argument to be made for the use of digital signage advertising needs. Using digital signage can save resources by way of ink and paper when stacked against physical pamphlets, can save human resources when stacked against the amount of time and effort it takes to physically manipulate letter board advertising, and has the potential to save both electric power and money on the electric bill if your digital signage is equipped with solar capabilities. 

Bearing all these things in mind, if digital signage seems appealing to you, check local listings for installers who can provide you with more information.