Give Your Company ACompetitive Edge Through Digital Asset Management Solutions

Digital assets like images, videos, emails, documents, audio, and other materials are very valuable to an organization but their huge volume can also prove to be challenging. The challenges that the organization and team might vary but there are common challenges that can be managed through digital asset management solutions.

The challenges of handling digital assets

Some of the challenges when handling digital assets include access. There are files like marketing materials for soon-to-be-released products or sensitive HR documents that cannot be accessed by anyone in the organization. It is difficult to protect privacy and confidentiality.

However, digital assets have to be easily shared, changed, and tracked. A digital asset management system can store data safely but it also allows easy access to a team for collaboration to succeed at tasks. Users can find content easily because they are stored in one place and makes searching for files less complicated.

There are huge digital files like catalogues and long videos that can take a lot of digital space. Traditional storage solutions like hard drives are unreliable and slow. Cloud-based and brand asset-based digital assets management systems can store all assets in one place. It also ensures that existing digital content is not re-created or go unused. 

Overcoming challenges through the digital asset management system

Once you have identified the challenges faced by the organization in handling digital assets, it would be easy enough to find the digital asset management solution to manage the files. Dropbox works for very specific types of files for short term, particularly for small businesses. It can be a solution for marketing departments that require storage for their print ads. Meanwhile, Dropbox is not robust enough for a marketing agency that generates several types of assets for different businesses across a dozen of campaigns.

Custom digital asset management solutions can handle the challenge of media asset management because cloud software will allow users to store, edit, share and view digital assets for an effective collaboration with other users. Features that are incorporated in the system include analytics, reports, reminders, and workflow management. Organizations are informed how their digital assets perform, who used them and where they were used.

Having an automated system to handle digital assets can dramatically change how a creative team works. A digital asset can be created once or an existing asset can be edited and quickly distributed to multiple channels. An automated workflow will ensure that projects move forward to remain on target to meet deadlines for review and approval. This will improve the quality of published assets because accidental use of off-brand and outdated assets are prevented by the system. The creative process is streamlined to help in the collaboration of marketing teams.

A solution is provided by the 5th Kind digital asset management system for enhanced security and support in centralizing all digital files for improved collaboration, simplified access, and easy integration with the organization’s infrastructure. It offers the capability to efficiently manage a diverse set of content with less hassle. It provides the advantage of cloud and mobility to make sharing easier.

Christopher Campisi