Rally Fury – Extreme Racing

Sit behind the wheel of a car and experience the real thrill of racing with Rally Fury – Extreme Racing on your Android. One of the wonderful car racing game that you can have on your Androids for free. This nice game is now becoming popular among most of the game lovers all over the world due to its attractive design and the concepts.

Simply we can identify this game as a car racing game which provides opportunity for you to explore different nice locations in your nice car. On your long journey you will get a chance to show off all your driving skills. Though this is free to own you will really can enjoy playing this nice game on your free time. If you are also interested in playing racing games and if you like to roam in the world of racing then go for this game now!!! Full of challenges and excitements.

Features of Rally Fury

  • The gaming control is very easy. Using the arrow buttons on the screen you can make your car to move left or right. There is a pedal button which you can use to accelerate or decelerate the speed of your car. If you want to do drifts then you can use the turbo button. All these buttons are there on your screen and you can take control over them very easily. Be wise, patient and drive your car towards the victory.
  • There is also a map shown on the side of the screen which shows your path ahead. Pay attention to this map and plan your victory cleverly.
  • There are different locations through which you have to drive your car. With these different locations it makes your journey more interesting and more challenge full as each track is different from the others. You can drive through snow, village roads, mountains and so on.
  • There are different types of cars to select from. Each car with its unique decals. When you move up through the gaming levels you can upgrade your car with advanced performances. Also, if you want you can customize some features of the car including the color, license plate and some other decals.
  • This also allow you to play multiplayer mode other than the single player mode. In the single player mode, you have to drive against the AI opponents and while in multiplayer mode your opponents are multiple players of the game from all around the world. this multiplayer mode surely full of actions and challenges to overcome. Show all your driving colors to others by playing in this mode.
  • Show off all your skills of drifting, nitro boosting while overcoming all your challenges and etc.

Rally Fury TV is a simple and light weight Android racing game. You can play this game on your Android TV and phones too. For that you can use your stock app store. If not, you can use any other third-party store. Do not install apk file directly. You will not get latest version and future updates, if you directly download and install apk file. Therefore, always use app store to install apps. For Android TV boxes you can use Aptoide TV, APKTime, and AppLinked. For phones you can use acmarket, aptoide, APKPure and UpToDown.

Christopher Campisi