How Employee Location Tracking Helps Companies?

Several organizations keep track of their employees’ location and whereabouts to know if they are getting the work done at the right time. Most companies involved in field service or construction work need to track their employees’ location so that they can know if their employees are at the right place.

Tracking an employee’s location won’t seem like a privacy invasion because companies only track their employees during working hours. It would be a breach of privacy when employers continue to monitor their location during non-working hours or off days.

Some employers think that they can learn  how to find someone’s location by cell phone number but let us tell you that it may not be possible. You cannot learn how to track someone location with phone number because this method simply doesn’t work. For location tracking, you need to get your hands on a reliable location tracking app.

Let us know what employee location tracking is all about and how it is beneficial for a company especially if it is operating a field service or construction business.

Introduction to Employee Location Tracking

Let’s go through employee location tracking briefly. Employee location tracking involves monitoring and tracking your employee’s location and whereabouts through a GPS tracker or location tracking app to know when they are clocking in or out, when they are taking a break, and when they are going on a detour during a business trip.

Several location tracking apps allow employers to see the location of their employees continuously throughout the working hours to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Suppose you’re running a construction or field service company, you would want to know where your employees are at a given time because their job requires them to be located in different areas.

It is good to trust your employees to be in the right place but at the right time but still, you cannot fully rely on them and trust them to do the right thing. That is the reason you need to track their location with a location tracker so you can know when they are on job and how much time they have spent there. This will give you a sense of relief knowing your employees are at the job site and not somewhere else. Again, you cannot learn how to track someone location with phone number because you need a cell phone tracking app to do that.

How Employee Location Tracking is Beneficial for Companies?

Below, we have outlined a few key benefits of employee location tracking for companies. Let’s go through them one by one.

Employee Management Becomes Easy

By using employee location tracking tools, employee management becomes easy. Location tracking apps help you know the exact distance travelled by each employee and also tells you about any stops that they might have made during their journey. With location trackers, you can easily know whether your employee was on the job site during working hours or if they were somewhere else.

Get Accurate Data of Your Employees’ Location

By deploying an effective and reliable location tracking app on your employee’s device, you can receive accurate data of your employee’s location during their working shift. This will help you save a lot of money and valuable time for your business.


You cannot be accountable for your employees and rely on a trust system to know where your each employee is especially if you are running a field service or construction business. There are several locations that are unaccounted for. Similarly, employees can add several personal stops to their working time. However, by installing an effective location tracking app on the employee’s device or vehicle, you can easily know where your employees are and track their movements in real-time.

Payroll Process Becomes Streamlined

Employee location tracking can also benefit your payroll system. Many companies experience fraud in their payroll process for a long time and also lost a lot of money only because the employers fail to notice the minimal over-estimations. With the help of a location tracker, you can get accurate information about your employee’s clock in and out and also when they go out for a break.

Some employee location tracking tools also help you monitor other activities of your employees during working hours. For instance, some tracking tools help you monitor your employee’s phone calls, text messages, emails, instant chats, web browsing history, and social media activity. You can also learn how to hack Android phone and even iPhone of your employees while they are on their job and know all about their activities.