How Green Technology Helps Save The Environment?

It is no doubt that globalization and the advancement of technology have been some of the biggest factors contributing to the destruction of the environment. While this notion is true, the reason why the environment is being destroyed can be the same solution as to how to fix it. When it comes to going green, the primary question is how green technology helps save the environment?

Everybody for sure could agree that technological platforms and evolution made a great impact on the lives of the majority. May it be on bridging gaps among overseas workers to their family, easier transactions, aiding in medical assistance, and providing immediate solutions to the world’s problems? Such problems include the threat to the environment. With the outstanding contributions of Science and Technology, indeed, these aspects can help ease the ecosystem and the entire planet.

Saving the Environment with Technology

Among the many ways of using technology to preserve and revitalize nature and the environment are generating renewable energy, saving endangered wildfire, and adopting a smarter lifestyle.

1. Developing renewable energy technology

Renewable energy is those sources that are constantly and automatically topped up or replenished. Generating this energy type is significant in saving the environment since it does not cause unwanted emissions. Carbon emissions are considered the top reason for the Earth’s destruction. There are non-renewable sources on the Earth. This includes petroleum, natural gases, coal, fossil fuels, etc. Scientists and environmentalists are trying to figure out how to generate energy through technological platforms.  To do this, three aspects must be considered:

a. Storing – This includes establishing storage solutions for energy. For instance, improved fuel cells and modern batteries. It also involves the creation of hydrogen energy storage, thermal energy collectors, and lithium-air batteries. These ones usually come at low prices.

b. Energy/Smart Grids – A smart grid is a type of electrical grid that monitors and tracks consumer’s energy usage/expenditure. It is integral in this generation since individuals are knowledgeable on how much and where they spend their energy. With this, it allows new solutions and guidelines on how to reduce energy costs and electricity waste.

c. Electricity Generation – In basic terms, electricity generation includes “generating” energy and electricity from renewable sources. Renewable sources include the wind, the tides, and the sun. Examples of solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower, and the like.

Try to contact local electricity companies to see what kind of renewable energy plans they offer and which would be more suitable for you.

2. Saving endangered wildlife


As mentioned earlier, technology causes the endangerment of wildlife. Good thing, environmental scientists are now using the same thing to remedy what must be done. These measures include:

  • Collars are being entrenched with GPS or tracking chips to monitor and sensor endangered species. This technology has been tried on some animals such as elephants, tigers, bears, and rhinos. There is still ongoing research on how to improve its potential.
  • Electrical, virtual, and remote tracking of wildlife sound determine if any potential harm or disaster may be predatory or natural.
  • Gene sequencing (also called DNA sequencing) techniques are done to determine each endangered species’ nucleic acid sequence, especially if they are affected by incurable diseases.
  • Creation and operation of drones to trail and trace natural disasters like a forest fire that may harm the endangered species (e.g, what happened in the Amazon forest in 2020)

3. Adopting a smarter lifestyle


While we must rely on technology to be at the forefront of environmental improvement, as individuals the least you can do is to live and adopt a smarter lifestyle. Adopting a smarter lifestyle has effects that positively contribute to the environment. One example of a smart lifestyle is the basic waste management method. A great way to implement an effective waste management method is by segregating biodegradable to non-biodegradable materials.

Also, it is zero waste management where instead of throwing your garbage, you find ways to recycle. As an individual, you can contribute to a smarter way of life by using eco-friendly products, whatever you do. You can also minimize your energy expenditure by cutting expenses on unnecessary things. The most important thing is to educate yourselves on living green.

Final Thoughts

Saving the environment using technology has been the aim of globalists and environmentalists. Green technology helps save the environment when its context is used correctly. Since technology provided many benefits to the human race, it can also help improve and fix what the ecosystem demands.

Aside from technology, you might also want to consider making a move as an individual through the living green. With proper education and implementation of this kind of subject matter, for sure Mother Earth will soon be healed and revitalized, benefiting both the living and nonliving species around the world.

Christopher Campisi