How To Advertise Web Hosting On Google And Facebook?

The web hosting landscape is highly competitive with hosting companies, resellers, and affiliates trying to attract potential customers. Web hosts leave no stone unturned to catch the attention of site owners and offer various packages and discounts to make their web hosting plans look affordable and efficient.

One of the most efficient and time-tested ways of getting new customers is by using outbound marketing options, including advertising (online/offline). However, this is a costly approach for a Web Hosting Reseller since larger hosting companies also use the same method to get new clients.

Reseller Hosting is about purchasing Reseller Web Hosting plans, creating smaller packages, and selling them to site owners. You can also choose between becoming a Windows or Linux Hosting Reseller based on your requirements. There is a lot of dependency on the parent host since the resources are rented from one. Apart from offering Reseller Hosting plans, these parent hosts also sell web hosting plans to the same set of clients. Hence, resellers compete with parent hosting companies that are much larger and have stronger marketing budgets.

Today, online marketing has evolved as the most effective way of reaching out to potential clients. Miron Digital has been helping clients to grow leads through Google Ads. Google Adwords, the most preferred online marketing tool, has a bidding system for every keyword. As a Hosting Reseller, if you look at the keyword ‘web hosting’, then the amount you will have to pay per click (Cost per Click) will be very high since larger hosting companies bid a higher amount. Most Reseller Hosting businesses do not have the capital to sustain these costs that larger hosting companies can. In such a landscape, inbound marketing can be a more effective tool. Here are some tips to help you advertise on Google and Facebook while keeping your costs under control.

Advertising Reseller Web Hosting on Google and Facebook

When it comes to inbound marketing, Google and Facebook are excellent platforms to use retargeting strategies. You can implement a pixel into your webpages, allowing you to tag people who visit your website. This allows you to display your banner to these users whenever they visit a website serving Google Ads or Facebook newsfeeds.

Retargeting is more effective when you offer content that is useful and valuable to the users. Also, when they see your brand on websites that they consider trustworthy, the chances of trusting your brand increase too. Also, you don’t have to pay a hefty fee if they click on your banner.

Even if you have the budget, you might want to delay buying the traditional ‘ads’ on Facebook or Google. Instead, spend some time researching the websites that your target clients are likely to visit and position your banners accordingly.

Remember, when you are a Web Hosting Reseller, competing with larger hosting companies in terms of the budget can be a counterproductive approach. Using the retargeting approach, you can achieve good results while keeping the costs under control.

Summing Up

Remember, the best Reseller Web Hosting businesses manage to promote and advertise their services to their target clients efficiently.

You can also check the following video for a guide to effectively market your Reseller Hosting business:

 Follow the tips mentioned above to get your brand noticed and stay profitable in the web hosting business. Good Luck!