How to Drive More Traffic and Increase Website Sales?

In this fast-paced digital era, people get irritated if they have to wait for more than five seconds for web page loading. You can say the same for their sales number achieved from their website. Everyone desires instant results for their eCommerce website. So, is there a way to enhance website sales? 

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to help your website generate more sales. Nevertheless, the first thing to do is choose a reliable web host. At 2MHost, you gain flexibility and scalability with ‘Lifetime Price Lock Guarantee’. It means renewal rates are the same as you signed up for today! Check their website to gain more information.

Start with calculable goals

You need a specific goal or else it is hard to attain results. If you cannot calculate, you cannot enhance thoroughly. Therefore, ensure to configure analytics software to track the defined goals. 

Personal opinions matter

Everyone is independent to share their opinions but most of them are incompetent and misguided. As a business owner, never judge a customer’s behavior associated with your personal preferences, which is normal. However, concentrate on evidence-based marketing strategy. The Internet has made it possible with access to testing programs, academic research, and piles of data.

Tips to increase website sales

Create your buyer’s persona

Buyer’s persona means a specific group or archetypal demographics you desire to reach with your ads. For example, a female athlete would look for running shoes suitable to their gender rather than designed for every runner. Website optimization associated with buyer’s persona reduces the egoistical opinions and you can connect with interested buyers. You gain insight about whom you are selling to, what they feel, their needs, and even their hesitations. With this data, you can sell more!

Obtain target traffic

You cannot sell things to buyers who don’t want or need them. For example, if you sell washing machines and drive John to your website. He will not buy as he already has one. What is offered on your site is not relevant to John at the moment. So, relevant traffic is the main feature for high conversion. Driving irrelevant traffic is a waste of resources, so marketers need to identify the correct marketing mix like choose the right media to create the right message and even the offer/price has to be right. The moment your target audience feels they are understood the magic starts. 

Create convincing value propositions

Your website is functional, aesthetically pleasing and you even got a cheap hosting plan locked for a lifetime but study the value proposition seriously. Value proposition defines how beneficial your product or service is, how it resolves customers’ issues and enhances their situations and why purchase from you. The value proposition has to be visible at every entry point of your site. 

Get familiar with buying phases

  • People have issues, but are unaware. This group is hopeless and it is hard to sell as you will require selling their issues first.
  • People doing comparison shopping. This is a group that needs extra attention. Offer them a reason to buy from you and clearly communicate extra high value than competitors. 
  • People prepared to buy. This is a group that has made a buying decision and will return for a deal. Ensure to place call-to-action like sign up or add to cart buttons in visible places. 

To double your sales, it is essential to double unique visitors and conversion rates along with repeat purchases. Focus on driving traffic and loyalty!