Why Conversational AI Is a Must for Enterprise Companies

Conversation AI is making giant waves in the world of technology. Most big tech firms including Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon have launched their own AI products in the market to entice users. This isn’t just a battle of products, ideas, or mere profitability in the short run. Many experts believe AI will conquer the world as we know it. This might sound like a big fat lie to someone who hasn’t been watching some key developments in the AI technology. However, if you believe the experts, the conversation AI for enterprise companies is the definite way to success in the future.

For example, a new study published in the NPJ digital medicine accurately distinguished healthy patients from ones with deep vein thrombosis. The AI analysis was as effective as benchmarked gold standard established with years of experience in medicine. Imagine the business potential of such outcome. A large enterprise can be prone to lack of loyalty, and hence, considerable loss in experience. On the other hand, AI within a short time-frame can conquer assessments as difficult as medical diagnosis. Imagine if your competitor got hold of such technology before you. If you are facing issues on customer service front, conversational AI can be your best friend with the 3 following key advantages. 

AI Can Learn Everything

Yes, you read that correctly. Some people still doubt AI’s ability to overcome challenges in communicating with people. Some say, AIs will always remain artificial intelligence, which can never return the spontaneity, and natural curiosity of human beings towards one another. Google disagrees. In 2021, Bee Thanaraksalakul, a restaurant owner picked up a call from Google Duplex, a conversational AI. The owner told people that she would have never guessed it was an AI, as it even stuttered a little to impersonate a human being. This learning known as the Natural Language Processing is quickly eroding differences between human speech, and AI speech in conversations. Furthermore, AIs can learn different trades too including booking a reservation in restaurants, offering you suggestions on fashion, help you find the cheapest deal on products, and lots more. 

AI Can be everywhere

If you are heading a big enterprise, you probably have hundreds working in the digital media arena. However, even such large teams may be unable to handle the onslaught that millions of potential customer can bring. Moreover, you may also be overspending, if you have people working in various shifts to create an impression of 24/7 customer service. Most large organizations require offices in various countries in order to undertake this operation. Furthermore, did you know that millennial are being turned off by customer service? Yes, according to the latest consumer reports in the US, and Europe, millennial like the DIY troubleshooting, customer service offered online. This makes perfect sense. In a way, most of customer service relies on human efforts to uplift the brand image. However, this isn’t easy in a world where the dominant consumer perception is driven by a cynical mindset. On the other hand, AI can be present 24/7, increasingly communicate in a natural manner, and can keep its non-existing emotions in check – always! 

AI Development Can beCost-Effective

Increasing AI platforms offer new advantages to consumers that have never existed before. For example, today you can teach your conversational AI new skills online. Earlier, depending on the type of bot, there were uneven skills for most across the board. Furthermore, you can also integrate your conversational AI with multiple promising channels including WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Messenger, and more. With seamless integration with these platforms, and the power of conversational AI at your fingertips, you can be your competitor’s worst nightmare for years to come. 

Christopher Campisi