How to measure productivity in work-from-home situations?

The recent events surrounded the outbreak of novel coronavirus has altered the world and made a huge impact. Many companies have led their employees set free or have made them work from home. This raised a huge demand for computer monitoring and the need for online employee monitoring software.

Sales Performance

If sales teamwork is not up to the mark, then the company is moving towards its downfall.

Volume of calls

The number of calls handled by employees or subordinates within the deadline. The number of calls close to the goal is the perfect analyzer.

Sales per employee

It is the number of sold items made by an employee individually. Employee monitoring software and computer monitoring can evaluate the sales

Average deal price

Some subordinates close deals but those deals comprise more money.

Performance of Customer Support

If the company has well-versed customer service, then it is a key determinant in getting success. The better or polite the customer service higher will you brand soars.


Call Volume

It is the number of calls handled by the individual employee in the customer care center. Computer monitoring or employee monitoring software will evaluate how many calls are picked per employee.

Average response

It is the time taken by an individual in picking up a call and guide its customer. Employee monitoring software is the perfect way to measure this.

Satisfaction with customer care

Using computer monitoring you could see if the employees in the customer care center are doing their job efficiently.

Matrices of performances for various teams

Active work hours

When doing work from home there needs to be actively working man-hours. You can see or evaluate the employer man-hours through computer monitoring software.

Ideal time

The time spent ideally meaning on social media platforms.

Some tips to measure or monitor the quality of work from home

  • Use Work Examiner provides an employee monitoring software. It is responsible for tracking and getting all data of the employee and helps in evaluations by the employer.
  • Make a list of websites that need to be restricted and that hinders productivity.
  • Tools and websites often used by employees should be credited to a list.
  • Set a short-term objective or obtainable goal.
  • Employee monitoring software should be used effectively.
  • All employees should be aware that they are monitored and how computer monitoring and employee monitoring software works.


When working from home all tasks should be done with productivity. Employee monitoring software and computer monitoring software should be used to analyses subordinates’ performances and evaluate employee individual performance. Support and motivation should be provided to all employees as work from home is a new phenomenon for all.

Christopher Campisi