What makes the Tagprotocol ecosystem lucrative?

Tagprotocol is a leading NFT platform with unique features and attributes. Well, you must be familiar with hashtags, right? Well, you can own these hashtags as digitized tokens. Tagprotocol is a Crypto platform, that allows users to own hashtags and generate a long-term ROI. On this platform, you can also be a part of hashtag auctions. Once the value of these Twitter hashtags soars, you can sell them off for a profit. After joining Tagprotocol, users would have to stake the tokens. Based on the performance of these hashtags on Twitter, the platform would distribute the rewards to the owners.

The Tagprotocol ecosystem consists of a coordinated system of elements, as demonstrated in this post.

How does Tagprotocol work?

Tagprotocol is basically a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), that works on Binance Smart Chain. The platform has an Ethereum(ETH), that keeps the transaction costs low. Tagprotocol uses a data driven mechanism to evaluate how your hashtags perform on social media. The blockchain-backed digital registry works transparently. As a user, you may own a specific hashtag on this decentralized platform. Of course, when you register a hashtag under your name, other users would not be able to access them. Well, by now you should be knowing what cryptocurrency mining is. In this case, you need to choose hashtags that look promising in terms of performance and purchase the same.

What services do the Tagprotocol ecosystem consist of?

Hashtag registry

The main role of hashtag registry is accepting user requests to register hashtags that are new. Evidently, users would be mining new NFTS using this function. In the process, the wallet of miners would be credited with the tokens on this platform.

Hashtag staking

Hashtag staking is a service through which you would be able to collect Tagcoin on staking the tokens. In this regard, you should note that the hashtag values significantly depend on the performance on Twitter.

Hashtag auctions

The hashtag auction service allows members to receive bids from other users. Eventually, they can list these bids on the specific tokens. Apart from this, this function would enable you to bid on hashtags that other users have listed.

Performance oracles

These are independent data aggregators. They collect relevant data on hashtag performance on Twitter. Then they transfer this data to a Hashtag Staking Contract.

Decentralized invitation program

Using this service, it is possible to track invites. Also, the system calculates the user commissions, and manages commission claims. In a nutshell, this function deals with all the payments.

TAG Exchange

Tag Exchange is an exchange service available on this platform. Using this service, one can exchange Tagcoins to obtain bitcoin, crypto punk, or any other Coin. You may also diversify your source of income, when you deposit them to liquidity pools.

Well, the technology driving Tagprotocol seems sophisticated. If you are interested to grow your digital asset, this would be the right time to participate in the program. The value of hashtags is expected to grow manifold in the coming years, once they start being owned. Evidently, you can capitalize on the opportunities and leverage your income.