Ideas For Creating Your Instagram Highlight Stories

The first thing to do to create your Instagram featured stories with strategy and meaning is to think about what will be shared in this section.

I often see profiles that have many featured stories, and this presents two problems:

  • That there are so many options that the user ends up not seeing any.
  • That the user ends up entering featured stories that don’t interest them.

Therefore, you have to think carefully about what themes will be created in the highlighted stories and the objective of each one of them, just like when you buy instagram followers cheap.

Do you want some ideas? Here they are:

Services, Product Or Infoproducts

Suppose you have a business in which you sell services, products, or info-products. In that case, it is interesting to create a great story to make them known (if you have many, choose only the most interesting ones for you, and if they are very different from each other, create a unique story for each type).

Please do not limit yourself only to share the product or service itself; provide extra information about how you work or how it works. visit famoid instagram follower service today and buy Instagram auto likes at the best prices.

Behind The Scene Or Behind The Camera

An exciting option is to create a featured story so that they can see a small internal part of the process you carry out when you perform a service, how you and your teamwork, how your products are manufactured, or how you package those shipments that your company makes.

Testimonials Or Opinions

Suppose your clients share their testimonials or opinion of your service or product. In that case, a perfect option is to collect all those testimonials in a featured story so that new users and potential clients can see those testimonials and decide if they want to work with you or buy your products.

News Or Trends In Your Sector

If you want to stand out as a professional in your sector and let your followers see that you are up to date with trends and news, implementing them in your brand, this is a great option.

You can take the opportunity to create videos about this and get a greater connection with your audience.


Like the previous idea, you can also stand out as a professional in your sector with this one—a set for sharing some tips or advice, which are quick and easy to implement. Your followers will love being able to do a few little things to improve, and when they need something, they will come to you in appreciation as seen in this article.

Workshops, Events, Or Training

If you give formations or attend them, show it. It is essential to show that we are up to date and keep trying to improve and grow, which is a perfect way to do it.

Share images of those workshops or events, summaries of what you have learned or what has made you think, etc.

About You Or Your Team

We want to meet the people behind that logo or those stock images, so for me, one of the essential sections in a company is this. Show who are the people who work in your company and what their positions are, you will give more confidence to users, and they will know who can help them at all times (with name and face).

New Posts Or Articles

Suppose you have an active blog where you share interesting information with your Instagram followers. In that case, an excellent way to notify them of the content you have and the new content you are publishing is with a well-known story.

You can also do it with your YouTube videos.