Importance of Brand Design

There are two sides to each coin; brand design and graphic design. A brand designer is responsible for creating marketing materials such as logos, brochures, business cards, flyers, signage and many other things. The graphic design side of the house is responsible for creating logos, illustrations, posters and other visual designs. So which should you hire?

Graphic Designers Needed

You need a team of experts that have different skillsets to bring your brand design together. Graphic designers are needed to conceptualize ideas and draft designs. They will be involved in prototyping and revamping designs before they are brought to market. Graphic design is the art and science of creating unique, memorable and effective visual brand presentations. To quote Eric Gertson, “It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it.”

Branding Agreements

You’ve decided on your brand design. Now it’s time to create brand agreements. The brand agreement is legally binding on the company with whom you have a licensing agreement. It spells out how the brand will be used, how it will be presented and what quality control measures the company will take. A brand is really more than just a logo. Your brand design is the way in which your brand is recognized, and it is a powerful marketing tool.

Brand Personality

To be truly successful, your brand needs to have a personality. The brand personality of a company is reflected in the logo, the colour scheme, the typography, the layout and even the accessories. When a brand personality is not conveyed correctly, it is difficult for a customer to understand why they have reached your website. A brand should communicate positive characteristics and a theme. A theme could be based on the individual products or services your company offers.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of a brand is also of utmost importance. This is how people will recognize your brand when coming across it in an advertisement, on the Internet or in magazines. The visual identity should be consistent from product to product, with each item conveying a unique message. Brand guidelines will vary depending on the type of merchandise you are selling, but the overall goal is to provide consumers with a consistent look and feel. Visual identity is also about being memorable, allowing customers to easily remember who created the brand. Once again, brand guidelines will differ depending on the type of merchandise you sell.

In the end, it all boils down to brand design. Your brand design speaks volumes about your business. As such, it is important that you invest the time and effort in developing a solid business plan. The planning stage should entail identifying the purpose of brand development, identifying your target audience and developing a marketing plan that coordinates with that target market. The best brand design has a strong foundation grounded on research, in-depth market analysis, and a well-balanced approach while incorporating complementary elements to ensure its longevity.

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Christopher Campisi