Simple Camera App

It is always easy to capture photos with handy camera app. Most default camera applications are difficult to work with. It is too complex or does not has features you are looking for. Simple Camera application is for who look for simplicity with all the features. Provide easy switching cameras. Now a days many phones come with multiple cameras. Simple camera app makes it easier to switch cameras.

You can change location of photo saving. It helps to you to save all your photos to external storage than internal storage to save space and transfer to PC. If you run out of memory easily reduce or limit resolution of photos. That helps to capture more photos without exceeding storage space.

You can download this Android camera from Google play store for free. This is a free camera apk. Support all Android phones. More support for devices than Google Camera.

Features of Simple Camera App

  • Flash – Full freedom on how phone flash work. You can turn on and off. You can use it as a flash light.
  • Zoom – No hard to press screen buttons to zoom in and out. Just pinch the screen to zoom in and out. That make it easier to do cool videos.
  • Portrait photos – Capture portrait photos even it is not available on stock camera app. Apply nice filters to those portraits to make it more beautiful and special.
  • Object removal – Remove disturbing object from the photo by focusing on the object you want to capture. This is a kind of feature that you won’t be able to see on any free camera application.
  • Face Swap – This is a feature many are looking in order to have fun. Enjoy free face swap feature with friends and family by applying photo frames and other tweaks.
  • Resolution – Easily change photo and video resolution, quality and aspect ratio quickly from camera app. That accessibility of those features helps to change resolution based on the moment. Add frames to photos and videos to make it more modern and interesting.
  • Thumbnail – Provide quick thumbnails of photos you take. That make it easier to double check your photos without going to gallery. It ensures that your photo was captured and saved.
  • Collage Maker – Create free collage of all your photos and videos using collage maker.
  • Easy options to set your camera app to take quick or speed photos and quality photos. Quality photos require time since they need to focus. Quick and speedy photos will not always has quality shots.
Christopher Campisi