Run Cow Run Android Game

Another wonderful game to play on your Android. Run Cow Run. Action filled 2 D game to play. A nice concept and it is very easy to play. Full of fun and joy and also teaches us some moral values. Best fit for your small kid also.

The game revolves around a farm. There are many farm animals including cow, chicken, pigs, sheep and so many. All are in cages and their ultimate destination is clutches of the butcher. The hero of the game is a little cow. Very intelligent. He realizes what happens to all the animals in cages. So, he decides to give a try to run away as far as possible without going to the butch. So, you have to help the little friend to escape from the angry butcher. But you have to save other animals also on your way to freedom by overcoming several other challenges also.

Features of Run Cow Run Android Game

As you already know this is a very nice game to play when ever you are free. Help the animals inside the cages to find their freedom. 

The game is free to own. You can have this from any of the App Stores for free. so, try it now friends. You will find it is very interesting to play the game. Very easy, simple and a very smooth game to play. But with lot of fun and joy.

The 2D graphics of the game are really beautiful and are very colorful. I like these graphics a lot and they are very inspiring. We will not get uninterested while playing the game for sure. The background music is also very cool.

Along your journey to be free there are of course some challenges you have to overcome. You have to run way from the butcher who is chasing you angrily. You have jump high to overcome some obstacles and you also have to slide under. As well you have to save other animals on their cages too. You are the hero of all other animals inside the cages. Be fast and wise and save you and your friends from the clutches in the slaughterhouse.

Moreover, you have to collect some coins also. These coins help you to upgrade your powers which will help to lot in achieving your target to be free. so, collect as much as possible coins along your way. There are many levels to play inside the game. play wisely and move forward along all the exciting game levels. 

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Christopher Campisi