What are the needs for email validation?

Emails are the most effective way of communication even up to the 21st century. It was developed around the year 1960s and to date serves as the largest mode for communication especially for the professional and business world. 

However, since the number of users of the mail service is huge, we need to verify our mail accounts. This will make it easier for the companies and firms to reach out to the potential users and serve them better. 

Email validation is useful because the number of mail addresses created is countless and mostly half of them are fake or inactivated because of human errors. For instance, a single person may create more than one email account because they have forgotten ways to retrieve the first one. 

This way several spam and invalid addresses are present over the internet. It is important to ensure email validation for the following reasons listed below. To prevent chances of fraud and enable a flexible and smooth service, email validations must be conducted. 

Reasons for email validation – 

  • Email verification is highly beneficial to avoid hard bounces. This helps to keep a record of the addresses that are longer being used or are simply fictitious. 
  • Users can avoid the trouble of getting blacklisted. This is an unwanted situation that may arise if you fail to validate the email address on time. The important mails and messages will fail to get delivered because the mail address has been discarded or blacklisted.
  • Email validation reduces the chances of spam complaints and unwanted messages. The companies will be able to monitor the number of target consumers and only send messages to these groups of individuals. This way it will be easier to keep a count of the progress and turnover rate of the agencies in the marketing and advertising section. Promotional works also get easier if the firm can send emails only to active addresses which increases the chances of response and sales. 
  • Research suggests that email validation makes sure that almost 98% improvement in the rate of delivery and efficiency of the companies. Clearing off invalid email addresses makes it easier for the companies to focus on the customers who are currently active over the internet and can be targeted to enhance sales and business. 
  • The ROI automatically increases if the agencies can discard the invalid mail ids and reach out to the ones who are available. The resources of the firms are conserved in terms of monetary expenditure and time consumption. 
  • If the agencies send mails to the active customers, then it increases the chances of communication. They will go through the mail and click on the icons and explore the offers and schemes of the advertisement. This way the performance of the agencies and organizations will escalate manifold. 

Companies can use various ways to validate email addresses. This includes the usage of the third party tool that will send real-time feedback about the authenticity of the email address or these organizations can simply incorporate the latest technique of auto-complete feature which reduces the errors of manually typing the whole email address. 

Christopher Campisi