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We don’t need to bet on whether digital verification systems are coming. It’s a reality now! The confusion is which one to go for. Even in the post-COVID-19 era, the hospitality industry is suffering. The crisis has been increased by the successive lockdowns, cancellation of flights and unsafe environment. In this uncertain time, hotels need to imply the latest digital technology to avoid possible physical contact and crowding at the reception. This makes online check-in a priority at the hotels.

Hotel biometric check-in software

Gtriip –

Gtriip Trevo is a facial biometric verification system for hotel and commercial guests and employees. It issues mobile keys to the already verified hotel staff and guests for their easy access. The automated check-in feature impresses the visitors deeply and also eliminates the need for any paperwork. They can easily check in with just a selfie clicked through their device. Let’s deliver happiness digitally!

Serve better with Gtriip –

Improved relationship with the customer

When a guest arrives at your hotel after a long flight and a hectic day, all he wants is access to his room. In this case, he won’t like to be in a queue with his ID card photocopied and other documentation signed for his room keys. Speeding up the check-in process through a digital platform would turn out to be an attractive option for your guests. A digital platform would serve your guests with more personalized and engaging services at your hotel.

Greater security

The most obvious benefit of Gtriip is the reduced possibility of infection spread. The reduced risk of potential infections is not only beneficial for your guests but your hotel employees too. It is a robust alternative to provide secure mobile access ( ) with the help of facial biometrics to your guests.

Boosting efficiency

The operational efficiency of the reception staff is improved when automated check-in is enabled. It reduced their workload also. This way they provide value-added services to the guests which are a boon for your reputation. Also, the check-in process becomes easier since the identity verification process is now fully digital. Furthermore, this technology reduces the carbon footprint produced by you.

Most contemporary hotels are now switching to this latest technology by Gtriip. Customers perceive this as a luxury service where they can avail the discount, process check-in online and other information digitally.

The hotels must realize that this is the need of the situation to adopt this contactless technology. The facial identity verification system allows self-check-in through facial biometrics and verification is done with the legal identity document provided by the user. They also sign in the documents digitally. A digital signature can be done through a web biometric signature or OTP system. Let’s learn more about the hotel biometric software check-in at

Christopher Campisi