How to improve your eCommerce website conversion rate?

eCommerce businesses spend thousands every month getting more web traffic to their eCommerce store through content marketing, affiliates, paid ads and other digital marketing sources.

But the problem is that many stores are optimised to provide a great user experience and therefore miss out on sales due to a low conversion rate. And most eCommerce development agencies just focus solely on developing the eCommerce platform without keeping the conversion rate in mind. Yes, getting a functional website is important. But a beautiful UI, abandoned cart feature and other user experience metrics are important as well.

If your conversion rate is low, it will reflect badly on your business and deter potential customers away from purchasing a product from your eCommerce platform. Conversely, if you have a high conversion rate then people see you as reputable and well-known in the marketplace and they are more likely to purchase from you because they know that the products are good quality from a reliable company.

Here is some way to improve your eCommerce website conversion rate with the help of a web design agency :

1. Improve Your Landing Page

Properly designing and presenting your landing page is a major factor that will increase your conversion rate. A good eCommerce web design agency will design a great landing page and make them feel like they were helped in finding the product they need. You can accomplish this by writing a copy or even a video describing the product in detail or simply providing a video showing how the product works. This helps to engage your potential customers because it shows them something new, not just another boring advertisement.

2. Offer Free Shipping On Your eCommerce Platform

Your eCommerce web design agency will act as a business consultant. They may advice you to offer free shipping or to add a promo code to your Instagram page to motivate customers to make a purchase on your site. In addition with a feature like an abandoned cart feature, you can boost your eCommerce conversion rates easily.

3. Make Good Faith Efforts

Efforts are not all about how much effort you put into your business but it’s also about showing customers that you care about them. This can be in the form of starting a Youtube channel for your This will give them confidence in buying from your website in the future as they know that you want their business, and they will feel more trust in purchasing from you than other competitors. Most web design agency do the same thing to increase your brand recognition.


The most important thing is to find a good web design agency who has a good understanding of your customer and their behaviours. If you’re able to find an experienced eCommerce web development agency, you will have have the best tested UI which will help you to maximise your conversion rate.

Once you know that, then it is just about making the change and seeing how your conversion rate will climb.

Christopher Campisi