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The content of social networks is indexed by the search engines Yandex and Google and is available in the global search as well as the data of any other Internet resources. At the same time, social networks have an advantage since users are constantly generating content, special algorithms work for social networks that quickly update search results and show relevant information. If the content of social networks appears in the general search results, then there is a way to promote it in the search engines. And this method is free. It’s about social media and seo.

How to Start Promoting a Website Using Social Networks?

Comprehensive business development in social networks is preceded by preparatory work:

  • Creation, preparation and improvement of the site to which traffic will be attracted;
  • Choice of promotion methods;
  • Selection of topics, preparation of a content plan, development of a communication strategy.

Yes, the work is multi-stage and not easy, but it will bear juicy fruits in the form of increased conversion, new customers, high-quality traffic, more of which will come from mobile devices. There are many advantages, so we will consider all the stages and features of promotion in social networks in more detail.

What Is The Difference Between SEO And SMM, And Why Is It Important?

When starting to promote a website on social networks, you need to remember that SEO and SMM are different; it is impossible to classify these concepts as a single whole.

SEO (from English Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures aimed at external and internal search engine optimization. The main goal is to promote the site for search queries that users use. Proper SEO ensures an influx of organic traffic, increases website traffic and, as a result, conversions. Various tools are used – from keywords to increasing the number of backlinks.

SMM (from the English Social Media Marketing) marketing in social networks. This includes maintaining groups, launching paid advertising campaigns, news feeds, and other tools to attract the attention of potential customers. SMM is quite effective; because more than 70% of users aged 18 to 40 prefer to track new items, search for information and communicate with the brand through social networks.

The difference between SMM and SEO is obvious: marketing is primarily aimed at increasing awareness, and SEO is aimed at attracting real customers. However, social networks have an impact on SEO, because if a user searches for a product, company or online store by name / brand / region, then in the first lines of the search results he will see not only the main site, but also a link to the group. The presence of the latter increases trust and traffic. These tools can be used in pairs to achieve excellent results.

How to Prepare For Website Promotion Using Social Networks?

Users actively click on links from social networks; their further behavior determines the quality of the site. Therefore, the latter must be prepared by performing social media optimization (SMO). Before launching a campaign, you can order the development of a landing page that will help collect contact information and present the product or service in a profitable way. The presence of a landing page is especially important for targeted advertising. Of course, one page is not enough, at this stage it is important to take care of optimization, analytics, prioritization, etc. Consider a pool of technical methods that will help prepare a website for promotion using social networks.

Buttons to Share Information

Potential social media visitors don’t like to do a lot of things. They are unlikely to want to copy the text, remove pictures from it, and then publish it on their page. You can make a couple of clicks to save your favorite publication using a link from social networks.

Christopher Campisi