Things to consider if you are looking to outsource your business IT to an external specialist

As any successful business begins to experience growth, so too does the amount of sensitive data it needs to store. Whether it is customer details, credit card numbers or quotations, the time will come where it will need to hire a dedicated information technology professional.

Without the expertise yourself, how do you start to find a reputable company to provide IT support for your business? How can you be sure they are going to be the right company for the job? Afterall there are plenty of specialist IT Support providers in London.

The best way to begin looking for a professional IT company is to have some idea of what you are looking for. Here are some of the top things you need to consider when hiring an IT expert.

Know What You’re Looking For

Ask yourself what goals does my business want to achieve? What are my company’s requirements? What is the size of the project? For example, choosing to hire an individual with less experience may make a great financial choice, but can a single person handle the job in hand? Do they have the knowledge and the tools to deliver? Employing a reputable IT consultancy team with years of combined experience and a reputable background may be more suited to handle your business requirements.

Case Studies and Customer Feedback

The company you choose for your IT consultancy and support will have access to all of your company’s most sensitive data and processes, you need to be sure that they are reputable and can be fully trusted. Visit your intended IT expert’s website (for example check out their qualifications, have they won any awards for their service? Read any case studies and take a look at customer feedback. Gain as much information about the company, its reputation within the industry and its values before adding them to your shortlist.

Are they a Problem Solving Expert?

A good IT expert will not be unsettled or slowed down by problems. Big or small, they will be able to tackle things head on and take everything in their stride. They will not only understand where the problem came from but they will have all the knowledge and experience to provide the solution. A professional IT consultancy should be able to offer 24/7 IT support for you and your business.

Excellent Interpersonal Skill

For any IT consultancy team to be successful in helping your company, a relationship based on trust and communication will need to develop. You will need to feel comfortable divulging the sensitive and intimate details of your business. A bit like a doctor and patient scenario, without total transparency, the consultant will be hindered in their effort help your business. No matter how skilled in their field, a consultant will not be able to help you improve your business if they do not fully understand the challenges you face.