Topmost Video Player for Windows 10

Are you looking for the best video player for Mac, but are not able to decide which one to download on your device running on Windows 10. You are at the exact place because this post is going to let you know about the best applications which you can use for playing videos on your Windows 10 device. To know more about the video player applications for windows 10, read-ahead:


This application was developed by a company based in South Korea named Kakao. It consists of several remarkable functionalities and features that provide a good competition to VLC. It permits the users to personalize the way of using the application. It offers a lot of options for customization. You can use apps such as QuickSync, CUDA, or DXVA techniques for improving the performance of the app. Overall, it can be a very reliable media playing application to be used on your Windows 10 machine.

VLC Player

The VLC media player is an application that is popularly used as one of the best video playing applications. What makes this application so famous is that it is a nonprofit media playing application developed by VideoLAN. However, it is an open-ended application that can be used on every virtual media platform. Also, it is supportive of a great number of audio and video formats. This is what makes it a “ play everything “ media-playing application.

KM Player 

This application has the potential of playing all audio and video files in the conventional format. It has witnessed to be a great option for users of PC running on Windows 10. Also, it has inbuilt codecs that are supported on Windows 10. Thus, you just need additional videos for improving the compatibility of your PC. It supports formats such as UHD, 4K, and 3D for playing all the videos that you like in HD quality on your Windows machine.

Henceforth, these are some of the very popular media players that can be used on your Windows 10 device for watching videos of different formats. You can download and install these applications on your device and you are assuredly going to have a great experience. There are many other options apart from the ones mentioned here in this post, but these are really very reliable and you must give them a try. It is very easy to download them and even work with them because they have a simple user interface.