Understanding a Few Essential Aspects Associated with Cosmetic Dental Surgery 

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Do you have a healthy mouth and teeth? Do you lack the preferred aesthetic? It would be recommended to visit your dentist for regular cleaning. At times, healthy and clean teeth do not necessarily appear the way you like. You may look forward to whitening your teeth, get veneers or caps, alter the position of your teeth, or upgrade your smile. You would require scheduling an appointment with Cosmetic Dentist Somers NY

Understanding cosmetic dental surgery 

Cosmetic dental surgery would be used for complicated and invasive cosmetic dental work. It would require administering local anesthesia and a lengthy recovery time. 

Several procedures are deemed cosmetic. These would be inclusive of, but not limited to adding material to the gums and teeth such as gum grafts, veneers, caps, crowns, and bonding. It would also be inclusive of removal of material from the gums and teeth, whitening, bite reclamation, gum lifts, mini implants, dental implants, straightening, bridging, reshaping, and scaling. 

Let us delve into a few aspects of cosmetic dentistry. 


  • Porcelain crowns 


Being the most common cosmetic dental procedures dentists perform when your tooth cannot be fixed with a filling, damaged, or require a different treatment. Porcelain could fix chipped or broken teeth. A professionally crafted porcelain crown would appear similar to real teeth. 


  • Dental implants 


When you have one or more teeth missing due to damage, injury, or required to be removed for other reasons, rest assured that dental implants would be your best bet. It would be a perfect solution for replacing our missing teeth. However, for significant damage, you could make the most of dentures. 


  • Dental bridges 


Dental bridges could be used as an alternative to dental implants. These would be applied when you do not have adequate room to place a dental implant and the adjacent teeth are not suitable for a dental cap and crown. 


  • Dental bonding 


It has been a cost-effective and easiest dental process. The procedure entails the application of tooth-colored resin over the tooth. It would be treated with a special light resin or bonding to repair cracks or chips, reduce gaps between the teeth, and used as a replacement for silver amalgam fillings. 


  • Teeth whitening 


Tooth whitening or teeth whitening has been easy and non-invasive cosmetic procedure. You could use at-home whitening kits easily available over the counter. For professional teeth whitening needs, consider scheduling an appointment with the dentist. 


  • Porcelain veneers 


To reshape whiten teeth, porcelain veneers have become an increasingly popular solution for small, discolored, or misshapen teeth. The porcelain veneers could be bonded or glued over your present teeth.