When Should You See an Endodontist?

Your teeth’s health is relevant to your dental health and important to your overall health. A healthy set of teeth lets you go through your day without pain, discomfort, and inconvenience. However, a lot of people only pay attention to their dental health when their tooth is already in bad shape. Often, the teeth may even have root canal therapy. This form of therapy is not always performed by a family dentist. It can also be done by a dental professional who specializes in Endodontics in Providence. This professional is called an endodontist.  

What Does an Endodontist Do?

You may need root canal therapy if your tooth is decayed well beyond its surface. Usually, the decay extends into the root of the tooth and below the gum line. Because of this, you may experience intense dental sensitivity, swollen gums, and constant tooth pain. If your tooth is at this stage, you must need an endodontist. This dental professional will evaluate your tooth and perform a root canal if necessary. They use specialized techniques to make sure you are comfortable during your treatments. They administer numbing medications. Also, they will give you relief from your tooth pain after the treatment when the pulp infection or inflammation heals. They have cutting-edge materials and equipment designed to make your treatments more comfortable and successful. 

When a Seeing an Endodontist is Necessary

The following are some signs you may have to undergo root canal therapy and see an endodontist:

  • You have fractured and you are in pain. One of the reasons you will want to see an endodontist is when you are suffering from a fractured tooth and are in pain. Often, the pain is caused by bacteria or an infection that has developed in the fractured area and extended to the tooth’s root. If the roots are infected, the tooth can’t be repaired by a simple filling. Instead, it will require root canal therapy. 
  • You have a traumatic dental injury. You may also need to see an endodontist if you have undergone a traumatic dental injury that resulted from damage to the roots and pulp of your tooth. This injury can include an injury from sports or damage to the developing tooth of a child. In this case, the tooth will need to be repaired by an endodontist. The dental professional will evaluate the damage and take the action necessary to get the health of your tooth back on track.