What Are The Best Free Cell Phone Trackers?

Nowadays, everyone tries to find the best cell phone tracker app because it helps them to keep track of their loved ones or simply find out the location of their own cellphone in case they lose it. Mobile trackers offer several benefits, and that is why you will come across several applications on the internet that will serve the purpose.

You should be asking why you ought to pick a cellphone tracker? In the event that this is the issue in your mind, at that point let us assist you with understanding the wide scope of advantages which cellphone tracker offers and it incorporates:

  • In the event that you’re a parent, at that point a mobile tracker will assist you with guaranteeing the security of your kid. You get an opportunity to know the specific whereabouts of your kid without continually asking them.
  • Mobile trackers work best to find the device in the event that it is been lost or taken.
  • For the business proprietors, versatile trackers work best to guarantee that the representatives are working properly.

With a great many mobile tracker applications, it gets truly hard to choose the best one for yourself. This survey guide will guide you about the best free cellphone tracker which you can choose.


The FamiSafe application makes following basic and simple. The application is intended to work for both Android and iOS gadgets. The application doesn’t just assist with the following reason yet additionally turns out best for the observing reason.


  • Precise tracking of current location
  • Ensuring that your kid is accessing safe content on the cellphone
  • Tracing exact location when a cellphone is lost
  • Keeping track of the browsing activities on your kid’s phone


Spyic is one of the profoundly secure and dependable instruments intended for the following reason. Spyic is one of the high level instruments which makes geofencing and following a lot of simple.


  • GPS tracking
  • Monitoring applications, GPS, and call logs
  • Remote monitoring of all activities
  • Working in invisible theme

Number Locater

Number Locater is one of the free cell trackers which can find any telephone. The application is created by Elegant Recursion Inc.


  • Several attractive features
  • Auto-updation of system
  • Works offline and online

Other than downloading an application, certain following sites are likewise accessible which one can use to follow a gadget without any problem. The makes following a very easy task. The site is India based and several highlights.


  • Tracking a cellphone is possible with the help of the mobile number only
  • Helps tracking a landline connection too.


In case you’re searching for an ideal arrangement that can empower you to screen and track your loved one, at that point Glympse is one of the applications which makes the entirety of this conceivable.


  • Easy location tracking
  • Monitoring cell phone is very easy
  • SMS alert system

The list that you find in this blog are presently rated as the best cellphone trackers that will serve all your purposes for using the same.