What to Do If You Get Liquids on Your Computer?

Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop computer, liquid can come into contact with your PC for various reasons. In the face of this situation, there are simple applications that you should do without panic. 

Practices You Should Do When Your Computer Comes In Contact With Liquid 

The first thing you should do in case of liquid contact with your computer is to unplug your device from the socket. In this way, you eliminate the short circuit problem even when the liquid reaches the circuit area. If your computer is a laptop, the second step you should take is to quickly remove the battery of your device. After removing the battery, you should check whether it is in contact with liquid. 

The third step you should take is to clean your computer slowly on a clean cloth backing. After cleaning the wet areas perfectly, you should slowly turn your device over to get rid of the wetness inside your computer. In order to ensure that your device is completely dried immediately after the drying process, you can place your computer in a rice bag according to your preference. Or, if you wish, you can easily dry your computer using a high-quality dehumidifier.

Things to Consider After Drying Your Computer

As stated by the professionals of Singapore PC Repair Company, you should not turn on your device immediately after drying your computer. After waiting for the drying process of your device, you should not turn on your device for a maximum of 48 hours. After 48 hours, you can check whether the computer is active. If your device is not active as a result of the checks, you should send it to a professional computer technical service.

Causes of Liquid Leaking into the Computer

There are many actions that cause liquid to leak into the computer. It is possible for liquid to leak into the computer due to many reasons such as distraction of the users, low motivation due to being in front of the computer for an excessive period of time, positioning the liquid very close to the computer. 

Contact Urgent laptop repair Service

Laptop repair Service in Singapore provides all kinds of support and maintenance and delivers your laptop to you as it was on the first day. It is offered to you with cumulative updates and operating systems. By doing all your computer repairs with the latest and most up-to-date programs, PC Repair experts are in the first place among the addresses where you can reach your system updates and all your problems such as computer hardware or software. 

Typical services offered by Singapore laptop repair:

  • diagnostics and configuration of a laptop;
  • recovery of the motherboard;
  • replacement of the video card and matrix;
  • restoration and replacement of the keyboard;
  • upgrade;
  • cleaning the cooling system;
  • replacement of connectors and housing parts

Why it is profitable to contact Singapore Laptop Repair?

  • These operators do not accept prepayment. The technicians accept the faulty device, diagnose it, then contact you and name the cause of the breakdown, as well as the price and terms of solving the problem. If you agree, they start work.
  • No mark-ups or hidden fees.
  • They give a guarantee from 3 to 6 months. After restoring the functionality of the laptop, they return the device to the owner, and if the malfunction occurs again within the specified period, they will fix it free of charge.
  • They offer favourable discounts. They are attentive to their clients and value them, therefore, when you contact them again, you and your friends will receive all services at a reduced cost.


Christopher Campisi