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The Most Common Mistakes on Medical Websites

Mistakes on Medical Websites

Medical websites are becoming more and more popular as people do their own research on the internet to find out about their condition, treatment options, and other medical information. Unfortunately, many of these websites have mistakes that one can easily fix with a little bit of time and effort. In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes on medical websites and how you can avoid them.

1. The website is not secure

One of the most common mistakes on medical websites is that they are not secure. If you see a link or button with “HTTPS,” this website is using an SSL certificate. It means that all data sent between your computer and the website will be encrypted, making it more difficult for hackers to steal private information. Unfortunately, many sites do not use a secure connection and leave their user’s information vulnerable.

For instance, if bariatric surgery websites do not have a lock symbol in the address bar, then it is insecure, and you should avoid using this site for your medical needs.

2. The site is not responsive

Another common mistake that many medical websites make is the fact they are not mobile-friendly. It is one of the important medical website design tips for bariatric surgeons since many people use their phones to do online research about different health conditions, treatment options, and other things in this industry. Unfortunately, if you visit a website on your phone or tablet that has not been optimized for mobile devices, it can be not easy to navigate and use all of the information on the site.

It would be best to always look for a mobile-friendly version of the website to avoid this problem.

3. Webpage metadata is not optimized

The webpage metadata is information about the website that search engines use to index pages and provide more accurate results. If you have not optimized your metadata, it will be difficult for a user or a search engine robot to find your page when searching for something related to medical websites.

People’s most common mistake here is that they do not include the correct keywords in their metadata. It would help if you always used a keyword tool to find the right keywords for your website and then include them in the title, meta description, and other places where it makes sense.


By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, you can create a more user-friendly website and provide accurate information to the user. If you are having trouble with your website, it is always best to contact a marketing agency!