Why does the UX Team need to Own Front-End Development?

Companies are always ready to invest in high-quality digital products that evoke powerful emotion and provide a transformative user experience. However, many companies despite spending a significant amount of money on their product teams fail to get the digital products that deliver a delightful and immersive experience. Having an experienced front end developer for front end development services in your UX team is crucial to getting digital products that provide an ultimate user experience. After all, front-end developers bring life to static designs and create a high level of interactivity of web components that make a profound impact on users.

What are the compelling reasons to own front end development in your UX team? Check out the reasons that highlight the importance of front end developers and help you solve the problem of developing digital products that stand apart from others in the marketplace.

  1. Complementing the Skill Sets for Product Development

A front end developer creates impressive visual and interactive elements on a website, web or mobile app that users engage with to get an experience. It is not enough to ensure that the coding or development solves users’ problems, as users must also know how to use the digital product and get a WOW experience. Front end developers’ skill sets come in handy as they align with the skills of UX designers and software engineers.  

  1. Creates Robust User Interfaces with a UX team

A compelling design with a highly interactive user interface ensures that users get the best first impression of the website or application. With a UX design team, a front-end developer coalesces well and strives to give pixel-perfect representations of the design thereby giving their best to achieving UX objectives. 

  1. Promotes new ways of thinking and solving UX problems

When you hire an expert front end development service and incorporate a developer into your UX team, it promotes a new way of thinking about design. A front end developer enables the team to move quickly from concepts to a functional prototype and helps them gain maximum leverage from an iterative front-end experimental framework. Regardless of the software development process used, evaluating users’ interactions on a prototype is the best way to validate, iterate and modify to come up with an excellent digital product. 

  1. Accelerate Product Development

Involving an experienced Front end developer in your UX team offers you several benefits. A front end developer acts as a mediator between UX designers and back-end developers, resolving the conflicting issues between them. Besides, they act as catalysts and accelerate the product development process, helping the groups to achieve their goals faster.

Hence, having an experienced front end developer in your UX team is essential to get an innovative digital product that provides the best user experience. Tapping the best potential of your UX designers, front-end developers and engineers as per their core skill strength and their proficiency in using various technological stacks will help you get a quality digital product.