3 strategies that can build back your business better

With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changing the economic landscape in Australia, businesses are trying to adapt as quickly as they could. Companies with enough capital reserve are turning their heel toward the digital space, bumping up demand for online IT services and app development in Sydney. Around 54 percent of businesses reported that they been ‘greatly affected’ by the coronavirus outbreak while 25 percent felt they were ‘somewhat affected’ based on a survey conducted by Australia’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment between March and April of this year. While the struggle is taking a toll on many entrepreneurs, new opportunities are also unfolding given the right strategies.

Go beyond brick and mortar

Since the first half of the year, more and more brick and mortar retail stores have been shutting their doors until further notice. Popular Aussie apparel brands like Just Jeans, Smiggle, Jay Jays, Athlete’s Foot, Platypus, Noni B, and Rivers have closed thousands of stores, leaving thousands more unemployed. On the flipside, online retail shopping saw its meteoric rise, especially with the use of mobile apps. This means the economy is shifting towards the virtual space and even if the situation may normalize soon, investing in a physical store may no longer be as practical and essential as it used to be.

Establish your digital presence

If your business does not have any form of digital footprint by this time, then this pandemic is already forcing you to do so. Social media, website, and app development services in Sydney are in very high demand right now as people spend more time online. Note that over 88% of the Australian population are on the internet, so if you don’t have a website or at least a social media page, then you’re missing on an 88% opportunity to help your business pull through these hard times.Put your retail store online, i.e. install a visitor management software to make it inviting, engaging, and easy to customers. Avail feed automation and make the process so easy

Claim your phone screen space reports that there are over 19.3 million smartphone users in 2018 and up to 8.6 million of these are iPhone users. Why is this important to know? Because aside from staking your claim on the internet space, the new frontier of business is conquering the smartphone screen. Going “direct-to-consumer” has never been more direct than having your business logo on their phone. App development in Sydney has been growing exponentially because this is where business will be in the next decade. Tech and business giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, AirBnb and Uber are all apps and they are all able to weather the pandemic better than “traditional” businesses. This is a telltale sign that if you want to survive and thrive from here on, you need invest in an app. Start with iPhone app developers because by getting your business into an Apple App Store, you’re already reaching half of the smartphone market.