A Guide to Learn About Redirecting WordPress Pages via WP 301 Redirects

WordPress is a very popular content management system. It is used for the development of websites and blogs without programming knowledge or skills. You also get a lot of plugins on add-ons for WP sites, using which you can do complex tasks.

WP 301 Redirects plugin is an ideal tool for those who wish to redirect their old and invalid WordPress posts. This 301 code provides an immediate text to the browser that the intended webpage is moved, so that the browser can forward viewers to the new targeted page. Let us see more about WP 301 redirects.

When should a business use 301 Redirects?

You should use redirect, when you plan to remove an invalid post. You can send the visitors to another page with new content. Redirect can help to modify the permalinks of the WP page or post. This plugin prevents the user from hitting the 404 “page not found” error.

WP 301 Redirects plugin forwards the traffic from 404 error webpages to pages that users want to visit. It creates as well as manages all the URL redirects. In this way, it quickly recovers traffic, and also makes the website viewers happy.

How to add redirects on the WordPress website?

Here are the steps that you should follow to redirect the WordPress website

  • Install WP 301 redirects plugin.
  • Install the redirects via the plugins menu. Locate the “new settings option present on the dashboard.
  • Against the URL, enter the permalink of a page/ post to which you want to redirect
  • Save the added redirect that opens in the 301 Redirects menu
  • You can change or remove this entry easily whenever you need it.

HTTP 404 Error can increase the bounce rate of the website. To prevent users from leaving away the website, you need to take proactive steps to deal with it. 301 Redirect is a good solution to this problem. With this technique, it forwards the user to a new page on the website. In this way, it prevents loss of traffic and reduction in rankings on the search engine results page.

Features of Simple Author Box plugin

Simple Authors Box for WordPress is another highly efficient tool that places a responsive author box at the end of the posts. It displays the name, gravatar, and description of the author. It is an important tool also for bloggers who have to manage multiple authors.

With the help of the tool, you can add more than thirty social icons on the WordPress user profile screen. This plugin is very beneficial for website owners to give credit to guest authors. This plugin comes with various attractive features.

Some of them are:

  • Modify the placement of author box before or after content
  • Select whether the name of the author should link to its website, page or none
  • Select the posts on which you wish to show the author box
  • Add “rotate effect” when the cursor hovers on author box
  • Option to open the website of the author in a new tab
  • Option to modify the color palette
  • Option to select the font type and font sizes for the job title, website, and description
  • In addition to authors, it can be used for a co-author and guest authors

Both the above mentioned plugins are must-have tools for managing your WP sites.