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Best Time to Get a Dedicated Server

Most businesses are looking to upgrade their server so that they can offer a stellar and amazing browsing experience to their customers. It can be easy to start your hosting with a shared one, and if you are aiming for proper growth since the beginning stages, then it is high time to outgrow the current hosting plan.

But it can be tedious to figure out when it is the right time to switch your hosting plan. By being able to resist the potential downsides that shared hosting may be put on the site, you will be able to make a jump to a dedicated server India at the right time.

The right time to make the switch

Do you know when is the right time to make a switch from shared hosting to that of the dedicated one? It is a bit difficult to get an idea when you need to upgrade to the dedicated server provided by HostingRaja. Not every site and the hosting environment are that similar. It is about impossible that it covers every sort of website and present hosting plan as available. Still, there are a few signs that will give you a hint that it is the right time to switch to dedicated server India.

  • Slow site performance

If the performance of the website has been slipping, then it may be the right time to upgrade to a dedicated server. If the visitors are continually hit with an error age on the server or have to wait for a long period for the site to load, then you can get benefited from making the upgrade to a dedicated one.

  • Overall traffic is inclining

Have you noticed that the traffic numbers steadily increasing? When the site is seeing spiking in the traffic number it could be a nice pickup to move further to the dedicated host before it comes up with a problem. A lot of webmasters have faced server errors on the web page the moment one of their posts goes viral. Don’t have a dedicated server that is too poor, and it also restricts the potential of a business.

  • Running various sites

If you have any multiple websites that are a shared platform, then it could be advantageous to bring all the websites under a single dedicated server. Security is a foremost concern for the site and it is vital for every website, but especially for those people who are managing sensitive information. This could involve confidential mails, or any secret details, credit card info, and others.

It is crucial info to protect your website from risks, viruses, and other negative impacts. With a dedicated server India, you are entirely in favour of the security of the website. It means you can optimize all features you need for the website, and file storage. You are responsible for how these features get implemented, but this is one of the advantages of flexibility.

Having server control is important.