Coinipop – The Easiest And Fastest Ways To Buy And Own Bitcoin

Coinipop is one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy and own bitcoin. Coinipop is registered, owned and supervised by Crypto House, a cryptocurrency and technology company based in Estonia.  The operations of Coinipop are regulated by Financial Intelligence Unit of Estonia, the management of Coinipop has been authorized to offer services which includes the exchange of digital currencies such as Bitcoin for fiat currencies. The overall operations of Coinipop is centeredon transactions involving the use of cryptocurrencies. They pride their services and platform as one of the most prominent exchange platforms where you can purchase and sell your crypto coins at reasonable and right prices. 

In a bid to advance and improve their services to their esteem customers, Coinipop provides a wide and robust range of purchasing plans which includes but not exclusive to credit cards and wire transfers. Most times, when a large volume of Bitcoin is to be purchased by a client, Coinipop has designed a means through an additional OTC desk, this will be able to facilitate the purchase and complete it within the shortest possible time.

For those who are interested in joining the cryptocurrency world and benefit from the profits of investing in Bitcoin, Coinipop is the perfect place to start. The exchange platform of Coinipop is also one of the largest in the world, miners can also obtain cryptocurrencies on Coinipop. 

On Coinipop platform, you need to decide what level you wish to register and purchase Bitcoins. There are different levels on Coinipop and there also requirements to register under those levels. They include;

  • Bit Baby: This is the lowest level on the Coinipop. You can only purchase 0– 1000 bitcoins when registered on this level. The requirements to join this level include phone number, email confirmation and identity card. 
  • Bit Grownup: This is the second cadre on Coinipop platform. The amount of Bitcoins you can purchase is 1001 – 5000. You will need your phone number, email confirmation, identity card and UB. 
  • Bit Fighter: This level is the second to the highest level on Coinipop. The amount of bitcoins you are allowed to purchase is 5001 – 10000. Your phone number, identity card, UB and a selfie. 
  • Bit Royalty: This is the highest level on Coinipop platform. About 10000 – 50000 Bitcoins can be purchased by members of this level. To join this level, you will need to contact the Coinipop team directly on +44-20-8089-8122

Steps to Join Coinipop Community

The step to step process to join the Coinipop community and purchase Bitcoins includes;

  • Choose your level: Users are expected to decide on which of the levels they wish to join. 
  • Open an account: This process is less tedious and can be completed within a short time. A tutorial describing the process is also available on the platform. 
  • Upload Files: Depending on the level you wish to join, you will be required to upload your identification documents which will be reviewed by Coinipop compliance team and then verify your account. It is advised that the uploaded documents are readable, valid and inconspicuous. 


Christopher Campisi